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Most Popular Jobs in Australia

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Jobs in Australia: Australia is often viewed as a dreamland by many people across the world. With sunny weather, stunning beaches, and a diverse population, it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of ex-pats move to the country each year.

Another reason why people are so drawn to the ‘Land Down Under is the thriving job market in the country. Australia is full of job opportunities in a wide range of different industries and it’s a great place to kickstart your dream career.

If you’ve been struggling to find the best job opportunities in your home country, relocating to Australia might be exactly what you need to succeed. Once you have made the decision to live the expat life in Australia, you can start searching for suitable job vacancies.

Getting a Job Before You Relocate

Consider applying for different roles within your dream career several weeks before you plan on moving. Landing a great job in the country in advance means you don’t need to worry about generating an income after you’ve relocated.

You might already know which career path you want to take in Australia but it’s also important to keep an open mind. If you have no idea what you’d like to do with your life, looking at the most popular job roles and the most thriving industries in the job market will be helpful.

To maximize your chances of receiving ample job offers, you need to create an impressive resume. Use the best resume builder for Australian jobseekers to make your application stand out above the other candidates who are applying for the same roles.

Include information about your education and work experience, and highlight your hard and soft skills to reflect your expertise to every recruiter.

Most Popular Jobs in Australia

To help you find the perfect job role that suits your knowledge, experience, and skillset, here is a list of the most popular jobs in Australia. 

1. Administration

Whether you’re considering retailers, warehouses, or banks, administration staff are the backbone of every company. No matter which industry a business operates in, the admin team ties all areas of the company together.

As an administrator or administrative assistant, you will work mainly on a computer or laptop but will also need to use paper notes. Your tasks may include data input, customer service over the phone or via email, retrieving and filing paperwork, and diary management.

You’ll need to be great at time management, organization, connection, and leadership. Administration involves working in a team while also taking control of your own workload. It’s a role that comes along with new challenges and tasks every day and has scope to progress onto managerial roles.

The average wage of an office-based administrator in Australia is around 59,500 AUD per annum. However, experienced administration staff could earn up to 70,000 AUD each year.

2. Registered Nurse

Working in nursing Jobs in Australia is highly rewarding and it’s one of the most popular career choices for Australians. You will be working with a range of other healthcare staff to provide the best care for your patients.

You can work in hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, and schools, no matter which area of the country you move to, you can guarantee that there will always be vacancies in the nursing industry.

As a nurse, you will need to be empathetic and caring. Being able to put yourself in your patient’s shoes is vital to providing the best care possible.

You have wide range of duties and responsibilities s a nurse. You’ll need to work well in a multidisciplinary team to create care plans for your patients to aid their recovery and ensure the best treatment outcomes. Great communication skills and a high level of organization are vital if you want to succeed as a nurse.

Your earning potential as a registered nurse is up to 85,000 AUD and this increases if you choose to become a nurse specialist.

3. Property Developer

Property development is a thriving field in Australia. You won’t need to talk to many people before you find a keen property developer in the country and it seems that this field gains more popular by the year.

Brand-new properties are appearing in every area of the country, in both rural and urban locations. If you’ve always loved the idea of being involved in the buying, renovating, and selling of properties, becoming a property developer could be the perfect decision for you.

The average annual earnings for property developers in Australia is around 91,000 AUD but your income depends on the number, size, and style of properties that you choose to buy and sell. You can focus on single-family homes, residential properties, or commercial properties, or a combination of all three.

4. Online Coach

The rise of online coaching has been accelerated thanks to the pandemic. You can now become an online coach in almost any area, whether it’s online personal training, business or relationships coaching or mental health recovery guidance.

If you’re an expert in a particular area or have an interest in a certain field, why not share your knowledge and help others through online coaching?

You can work one-on-one with your clients or offer group coaching to provide your services to multiple people at a time. You may also want to offer programs and courses to your audience.

As an online coach in Australia, your earnings are almost limitless. Depending on the price of your coaching and the number of clients that you coach, you can earn thousands of dollars each month. If you sell programs, you can earn a passive income alongside your coaching services.

Online coaching appeals to many Australian natives and expats because of the flexibility that it provides. You are able to schedule your coaching sessions according to your preferences (and your client’s preferences, of course). You can work at home or in your local cafe if you fancy a change of scenery.


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