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Duties And Responsibilities Of Nurses

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Assignments are a pivotal part of a student’s academic career. When they are pursuing nursing, they must work on different aspects of nursing because it is important to know all of them before they prepare assignments.

When students pursue nursing, they need to understand the different aspects and areas of nursing. Therefore, it is essential to know the subject properly before they begin writing about them in their assignments. Some students need help with assignment because of many reasons like lack of knowledge, unfamiliar or complex topics, do not know how to structure the paper or sources to collect information. Online writing services do their work for them without delaying or excluding any significant element of the assignment. When you are preparing a study on nursing, you need to include the responsibilities and duties of the different branches of nursing. Here is all you need to know about the said topic.

Nurse responsibilities in general 

The primary role of a nurse is to care for the patients, maintain proper communication with doctors, administer medicines and observe the vital signs. In addition, a nurse cares for the physical wounds and the mental health of the patients because there is a certain situation where a patient’s mental health gets affected. Students can take nursing assignments help to them know more about the different branches of nursing and their responsibilities.

General responsibilities 

  • A nurse must keep a detailed copy of the patient’s medical history 
  • Make an analysis of the physical and preventive health of patients
  • Perform a physical examination of patients 
  • Counsel patients 
  • Maintain the smooth flow of connection between doctors and patients 
  • Staying up to date with the latest technology medication and health plan
  • Draw blood and conduct necessary health-related procedures

Nurse anaesthetist 

A nurse anaesthetist helps in conducting medical procedures, but its main area is aesthetic. To help with medical procedures, a person needs to be a certified registered nurse anaesthetist. These nurses give anaesthesia to patients and monitor their vitals. Moreover, they are responsible for ensuring that patients have a good recovery.  


  • Performing physical examination of all the patients they handle.
  • Giving detailed information to patients about the surgery and ensuring that they are aware of everything
  • Giving the right amount of anaesthesia to patients 
  • Monitoring the amount of anaesthesia given to patients, excessive anaesthesia can lead to health risks.
  • A nurse must have accurate knowledge about the anaesthesia dose.
  • A nurse is responsible for the patient’s well-being; they cannot leave the patients until the surgery is over and ensure they are well and comfortable.

NICU nurse 

NICU is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This unit specialises in caring for and treating newborn babies in ICU, and they also treat children. However, the main focus is on infants, and a team of nurses with medical staff ensures newborn babies’ health.


  • NICU nurses conduct life-sustaining care for the babies
  • They provide medicines to newborn babies.
  • They are responsible for administering nutrients. 
  • Premature babies often suffer from health issues, and sometimes their lungs are not formed, so they are kept under observation until their organs are wholly formed.
  • Provide counselling to new parents about child care

The above mentioned nurses and their responsibilities can give students the idea of how nurses have similar but different responsibilities according to their specialisation.

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