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4 Questions Aviation Accident Lawyers New York City Are Often Asked

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Being involved in some sort of aviation accident is not the best way to enjoy a trip. In the event that something happens, it’s important to know what options you have for taking legal action. Turning to one of the aviation accident lawyers New York City will help you know if there’s a case and how to pursue it. Here are some of the more common questions that lawyers are asked about taking action against airlines. 

Can You Sue For Situations Other Than a Crash?

There’s more than one type of aviation accident. Crashes certainly qualify for legal action, but so do actions by the crew that leads to injuries to passengers. In fact, there are multiple events that could be grounds for litigation. 

A lawyer will look over the specifics of what has taken place, including any injuries and subsequent medical care involved. From there, it will be possible to determine if there’s a case and how to proceed. 

Is It Possible to Seek Compensation For Emotional Distress?

There are occasions when some compensation for emotional or mental distress may be considered by the court. For example, events that cause the passenger to seek some sort of mental health care would likely be considered grounds for this type of compensation. From crashes to attempting hijackings to negligence on the part of the crew, there are a number of ways that emotional distress may develop. 

Keep in mind that there must be some evidence that the event led to something more than inconvenience and that counseling or some other form of mental health treatment is required. Confirmation from a mental health professional goes a long way in strengthening this portion of the claim.

What About Legal Action Involving International Flights?

You already know that it’s possible to take legal action if something happens on a domestic flight. What if you’re on an international flight that crashes or there is some other dire event? The fact is that you are still able to take legal action. In the event, you die in the event, your next of kin can also seek some sort of damages. 

It’s not unusual for aviation accident lawyers New York City to take on clients who are seeking some sort of compensation after an unfortunate event associated with international flights. The lawyer can provide some idea of whether there’s a chance for success and what approach would be best. 

Aviation Accident Lawyers New York City: How Long Could The Suit Last?

When it comes to any type of suit involving accidents, there is no way to project how long the case may last. There are some limits on the time frame that you have to file such a suit. For example, you have four years if the suit involves a domestic flight. On international flights, you may have no more than two years. 

In the best-case scenario, the responsible party will seek to settle. Expect your lawyer to be open to the idea of settling. If what’s offered is a good one, the case could be settled quickly. If not, there is a chance it could continue for years. 

Never assume that you have no rights when it comes to an aviation accident. Contact a lawyer and go over what took place. It may turn out that you have a strong case, and the lawyer is willing to take all legal steps to ensure that you receive the amount of compensation you deserved. 


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