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Top University Resources for Student Start-Up Success

Dreaming of starting a business while studying in college is a progressive attempt for students. As start-up is considered the key component of National Innovation Systems (NISs), it has a great contribution to sustainable development in many countries. This is because startups create employment opportunities. 

Nowadays, universities are more enthusiastic to develop resources to help students succeed in their start-up success. Most MBA colleges prepare students in such a way that they can start their businesses. This makes the process all the more hectic. To give them a taste of how the real business world functions, students are set to present business plans, apply for crowdfunding, and more. So, it is safe to say that balancing life between MBA studies and startup is challenging. To top this pressure, there are business reports, essays and case studies that you need to submit. 

Just like you can hire an authentic MBA essay writing service provider like MyAssignmentHelp, similarly universities also offer several resources to ensure success in students’ start-ups. 

Let us check them out!

  1. Venture Incubation Program, Harvard Innovation Labs

The Venture Incubation Program is for business students at Harvard. It is the lab fund of a 12-week program with a plethora of resources and mentoring activities. This program gives the students the opportunity to secure funds of up to $75,000, provided the business idea is a groundbreaking one. 

The program is powered by Evisort, which offers legal, procurement, operations, sales, and IT solutions to the business world.

LeverEdge is another venture that provides student loans at good rates. 

STEMgem is also a product from the same university that assists students from grade schools.

  1. Launch Lab X by Harvard University

Launch Lab X where students can access a fully online program. Providing personalized coaching on a wide range of topics are covered here. 

All these resources are helpful for students to grow in the world of business. That is why top universities take these initiatives to support them in their startup ventures. 

  1. Delta V, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Delta V is a great opportunity for those students looking for entrepreneurship ventures. Students can get knowledge about sustainable businesses. It is funding through summer programming in NYC and MIT where students get the opportunities to network and get personalized mentoring solutions. 

Students get a chance to pitch the investors at MIT demo days. More than $20,000 in funding is there in each venture. Apart from that, you can get living expenses of $2,00/ month. 

  1. Berkeley SkyDeck, University of California 

Berkey SkyDeck is a global resource where more than 480 advisors provide advice to the founders. This fund offers $100,000+ for their six-month cohort program. Here, you will find an opportunity to invest up to 10% in the first funding round with a $2 million cap. 

So when you start a business, you can use their funds in any of the business activities like financing, product development, hiring, or marketing. 

  1. Summer Accelarator by UCLA

The Summer Accelerator is a ten-week program with top experts, entrepreneurs, and investors. This program provides guidance related to legal services and the early stages of starting a company. However, it starts from July to September. Here is an opportunity for teams as they will receive a $5000 stipend for the accelerator.

  1. StartX, Stanford University 

StartX is a great startup accelerator and non-profit community for the students of Stanford powered by professors and successful alumni. 

In StartX, there is a student-in-residence program of about six months. It offers $8,000 with customized mentorship and office space. 

In Conclusion,

MBA is a transformative journey that helps to enhance the knowledge of business. Most students start this journey with a dream in their eyes to start their own ventures. That is why universities provide a holistic approach towards leadership development, teamwork, properly structured training, and enhancing strategic thinking skills. So, if you are a business student, it is time to be the boss and start exploring these resources. The world of innovation awaits you!

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