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Tips On How To Use Dry Shampoo the Right Way

There are days when you need to wash your hair, but feel too lazy to go through the exhausting process of actually washing it. However, you also cannot turn up with greasy and flat hair. So what do you do? Well, for those days, your dry shampoo is your best friend! Usually made with starchy components, it can turn even your 3-day-old greasy hair fresh, light, and bouncy as if you just styled it.

But, how do you use it? And can you use it regularly without actually washing your hair? If you have been curious about these questions, then we are here to enlighten you all about this wonder hair product. From how to use it to what not to do when using it. Keep reading to get your queries answered.

How Does Dry Shampoo Work? 

Dry shampoos are primarily made of absorbent agents, such as starch, clay, and powders. When you apply them to your greasy and unwashed scalp, they absorb the excess oil present on the scalp and hair, leaving behind a powdery residue that you can easily brush out. The result is light and bouncy hair that appears to have been freshly washed without actually washing your hair.

What to Do When Using Dry Shampoo?

To get the most benefits and the most luscious-looking hair after using dry shampoo, there are a few things that you need to follow.

Matching the Spray Colour to Your Hair 

The first thing you need to do is make sure the product is in the same shade as your hair. Using a dark-toned spray on lighter hair can lead to the roots being a different tone than the rest of your hair, and using a spray meant for lighter shades on dark hair can look grey and dull. So, make sure to match the colours to ensure an even and flattering look.

Shaking the Bottle Before Spraying 

Dry shampoos are made from heavy components such as starch and clay that can settle at the bottom. So, before spraying, make sure to shake the bottle to mix up the formula evenly. This will ensure that the components of the shampoo are evenly sprayed, giving you the desired effect.

Spraying the Hair Closest to the Scalp

When your hair becomes greasy, it is actually only the portion closest to the scalp that gets greasy since the oil from the scalp spreads. Therefore, when spraying, you don’t need to spray your entire hair. Only using the product on the portion of hair closest to the scalp will do.

Massaging the Product into Your Hair

After you have sprayed the product onto your hair and it has had time to soak in, make sure to massage the product into your hair properly. Not massaging well reduces the actual effect of the spray, as the product just sits on top of your hair and only absorbs the oil in that particular region. Massaging can help spread it further and give you a full head of fresh-looking hair.

Keeping It on Overnight

The best way to maximise the impact of dry shampoo is to spray it on at night, massage it after a while, and then sleep with the shampoo in your hair. It gives the product ample time to absorb as much oil as it can, and you can easily brush or blow out the powdery residue to remove any hint of having used the product.

What Not to Do When Using Dry Shampoo

Doing certain things can reduce the effectiveness of the product. It is advised not to do the following actions when using dry shampoo.

Spraying Too Close to the Scalp

One of the biggest mistakes you are possibly making is keeping the bottle close to your scalp when spraying. While you may think this helps by targeting a specific area, it can instead lead to a chalky residue, which is difficult to remove. Instead, hold the bottle about 6 inches away from the scalp and spray in small spritzes.

Focusing on One Section

Focusing on one section is another mistake many first-time dry shampoo users often make. Focusing on one spot leads to an overload of the product in one area that is difficult to spread out, while other spots do not get enough. So, keep moving across different spots so that there is a thin layer of the product close to the roots.

Using Too Much Shampoo at Once 

You may think that using a large quantity of the product on very greasy hair is more effective. However, using more shampoo than needed can instead make your hair look dull and chalky. To avoid this, it is best to use a minimal amount regardless of how greasy your hair is. Let it soak in a bit and then massage it in for the best results.

Using Dry Shampoo Every Day 

While dry shampoo is great at mimicking the way your hair looks after a shampoo, don’t forget that is exactly what it does! It only mimics the freshly washed hair look, rather than actually cleaning your hair. This means that while using this product can be a great emergency solution, continuous usage can lead to product buildup and blockage of the root follicles.

Brushing Out the Shampoo Immediately 

Lastly, immediately brushing your hair after applying the shampoo may not give you the desired results. For the product to work its magic, let it sit for at least a couple of minutes before brushing or massaging your hair.

Dry shampoo can be a great alternative if you have an emergency but not enough time. However, using too much and too frequently can lead to adverse effects that can harm your hair instead. So, keep this handy list of dos and don’ts with you to get the most out of your product. And if you are looking for a place to shop for dry shampoos from a huge variety of brands, then tira is the ultimate stop for you. With hair care products along with tips on how to care for your hair properly, tira has everything your hair needs and more.

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