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The best online casino bonuses for US players in 2022

The landscape of gambling is changing in the US, with more of the country able to enjoy gambling thanks to changes in local laws. Each state is responsible for deciding upon its own restrictions, and this has led to a trend in recent years of more locations allowing both sportsbook and casino bonuses gambling.

With a lot of competition, casinos are constantly looking to attract new players and that means that there are plenty of them offering excellent bonuses. Taking advantage of these can maximize the money that is in your account, add to your playing time and even boost potential winnings. 

The benefits of casino bonuses

Casino bonuses have been created as part of the sales funnel to attract new customers, but that’s definitely something you can take advantage of with a lot of different benefits to bonuses.

Before you sign up, you should check the bonuses that are available to customers. One of the main benefits of using a casino bonus is that you can boost your balance or first deposit. A lot of casino brands will give financial rewards when you sign up so you can maximize the money you are gambling with.

You can also sign up to multiple casinos and take advantage of their bonuses, try what they have to offer and see which one you enjoy the most. You can take advantage of more than one offer.

These kinds of bonuses keep the casino industry very competitive and ensure that casino brands keep pushing each other, which is a good thing for the consumer. Many have also started to include loyalty bonuses for their customers who keep coming back to the site or app. Loyalty bonuses have been shown to greatly improve customer relations

What are the different casino bonuses available?

It can be difficult to understand the different kinds of casino bonuses if you are brand new to the market. 

  • Free play. This is when the casino offers a free balance for new customers to play with. It is usually a small bonus amount that allows you to check out the games that they have on offer.
  • Deposit bonus. A deposit bonus can be worth a lot more, but it also requires you to deposit money yourself. Often, this involves a matched deposit, and is capped at a certain amount. A $1,000 matched deposit bonus usually means that anything you deposit is doubled up to the sum of $1,000. However, you can’t withdraw this cash until you have gambled and used it on games.
  • Cash back. Some casinos reward their players by providing cash after they have deposited money into the account. It’s one of the simpler bonuses out there.
  • Free spins. Free spins are very popular on casinos that provide slot games. Free spins can allow you to test out slot games without spending any money, and you never know, you might even hit the jackpot with your free spins.

How we rate online casinos

There are quite a few different criteria that should be used when exploring the best casino sites and working out whether they are suitable for your gaming needs.

We look at some strict criteria when it comes to working out if a site is suitable for users or not, including:

  • Security. Every casino that we explore and review should have a very strong track record of safety and responsibility regarding their customers’ details and the basics in place, such as SSL certificates.
  • Bonuses. Most casinos offer some sort of bonus now, and this means that we always include them when we are considering whether a casino is a good option.
  • User interface. The UI is crucial to the customer experience and sites should definitely spend a lot of time and resources creating something that is easy for customers to use.
  • Game selection. There are a lot of different casino games out there, and thousands of potential slots and table games. A great casino will also carry a great selection of these games.


Finding the best bonuses is a part of finding the best casino. However, there are multiple criteria that you should consider such as the casino’s security, for instance. 

US players are fortunate to have a lot of different choices when it comes to their casino offerings, including game selection, compatibility with various devices and of course, different bonuses, some of which can greatly enhance how much money you have to play with. 

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