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Talking Parents

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Talking Parents” is a web-based co-parenting communication platform designed to help separated or divorced parents effectively communicate and manage their child custody and parenting responsibilities. It provides a secure and neutral platform for parents to exchange messages, share calendars, and document their interactions related to their children. Here are some key features of Talking Parent:

Message Communication:

Guardians can send and get messages through the stage, which can be helpful for talking about significant issues connected with their youngsters, like timetables, school occasions, or wellbeing concerns.

Talking Parents, Calendar Sharing:

The platform allows parents to share and coordinate their parenting schedules, making it easier to plan and track custody arrangements.

Document Storage

Talking Parents enables users to upload and store important documents. Such as court orders, medical records, or school reports, in a centralized and secure location.

Talking Parents: Read-Only Records

All communication and shared documents are recorded and time-stamped, ensuring that there is a clear record of interactions between parents. These records are typically considered admissible in court.

Talking Parents: Secure and Neutral

The platform is designed to be a secure and neutral space for communication. Reducing the potential for conflicts and misunderstandings between co-parents.

Easy to understand Point of interaction

Talking Guardians intends to be easy to use and simple to explore, in any event. For guardians who may not be educated.

Subscription-Based Service

Talking Parent offers both free and premium subscription options, with premium plans providing additional features and benefits.

Overall, Talking Parent is designed to help parents maintain effective and respectful communication in the best interest of their children, while also providing a transparent and documented history of their interactions, which can be useful for legal purposes or disputes related to child custody agreements.


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