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SteadyKleen: The Future of Home Cleaning

SteadyKleen is a company that is shaking up the home cleaning industry. By providing an online platform and app for customers to book and pay for service, SteadyKleen is changing the way people clean their homes. SteadyKleen was founded in 2013 by CEO and co-founder, Tariq Sheikh. He saw a need in the market for an easier way to clean, and SteadyKleen was born. Today, SteadyKleen has over 500,000 users in over 180 countries. They have partnerships with some of the largest providers of home cleaning services in the world, including eco-minded companies such as Green Works and Joyful Home Cleaning. What makes SteadyKleen so special?

Well, aside from their easy booking process and affordable rates, one of their primary goals is to help conserve energy and resources. They achieve this by using environmental-friendly products and practices throughout their entire operation. If you are looking for an easy way to clean your home without all the hassle, check out SteadyKleen today!

SteadyKleen business model

SteadyKleen is a business model that is changing the landscape of home cleaning. The SteadyKleen is an on-demand home cleaning service that allows customers to book appointments for specific times and days, and get their homes cleaned as quickly as possible. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, Jaimie and Dan Katz, who were fed up with the high cost of traditional home cleaning services and the inconvenient scheduling restrictions imposed by many cleaners.

The SteadyKleen business model allows customers to clean their homes at their convenience, without having to spend hours waiting for a cleaner to arrive. Customers are able to choose from one of the company’s three cleaning options – Quick Clean, which includes a standard housecleaning job plus all window sills, gutters, and patio furniture; Deep Cleaning, which includes more in-depth work including carpets and curtains; or Complete Cleaning, which includes everything included in Quick Cleaning plus ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.

The SteadyKleen platform offers several unique features that set it apart from other home cleaning services. First, the company offers a no-hassle refund policy – if customers are not satisfied with their cleaning experience they can request a full refund within 48 hours of their appointment. Second, the platform offers real-time booking updates so customers know exactly when their cleaner will arrive. Third, the company’s mobile app allows customers to manage their bookings from anywhere in the world –

The benefits of SteadyKleen

If you’re tired of cleaning your home every day, SteadyKleen may be the solution for you. SteadyKleen is a home cleaning service that uses robots to clean your home. The robots move around and clean all the surfaces in your house while you relax in bed.

The robots vacuum, dust, and polish everything in your home while they work, so you don’t have to. And because they work continuously without stopping, the robots are able to get more done in less time than traditional cleaners. This means that SteadyKleen can save you time and money while keeping your home looking great.

SteadyKleen also has a few other advantages over traditional cleaning services. For one, the robots don’t require any special training or equipment – meaning that everyone can use them. Additionally, Steady Kleen is environmentally friendly – meaning that it doesn’t damage your floors or furniture like traditional cleaners can.

If you’re tired of spending hours cleaning your home every day, consider using SteadyKleen’s robotic cleaning service. It may be just what you need to get your life back some free time!

How SteadyKleen works

How SteadyKleen Works

SteadyKleen is the future of home cleaning. The company’s patented technology uses a combination of oscillating and side-to-side jets to deep clean floors, walls, and ceilings. This system can cover an entire room in just 30 minutes!

The SteadyKleen system is typically used in conjunction with other home cleaning services. Such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and furniture care. Services are arranged through your local SteadyKleen representative.

The future of home cleaning

The future of home cleaning is steady Kleen. Steady Kleen is the first and only product that uses a patented technology to clean harder-to-reach surfaces like wood floors and walls. It also eliminates the need for scrubbing and elbow grease, making it an ideal option for busy families.

SteadyKleen has revolutionized the way people clean their homes, and its popularity is only growing. By using Steady Kleen, you can save time and money while keeping your home looking pristine. Plus, with its patented technology, you can be sure that your floors and walls will be clean and free of dirt, dust, and stains.

If you’re looking for an easier way to keep your home clean, look no further than SteadyKleen. It’s the perfect choice for busy families who want to avoid dirty hands and a cluttered house.


In this SteadyKleen article, we are taking a look at the future of home cleaning. With advances in technology and the increasing popularity of eco-friendly practices, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to professional cleaning services to take care of their homes. However, with Steady Kleen, you can have all the convenience of hiring a professional cleaner without having to sacrifice quality or spend unnecessarily high amounts of money on each clean. With SteadyKleen’s wide range of products and affordable prices, you’re sure to find a solution that meets your needs.

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