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SMOK Air Fire Only Issue

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If you are experiencing a SMOK Air Fire Only Issue, you are not alone. This is a common problem experience by most vapors. There are many reasons why the fire is not working properly, including battery damage. It can also be the result of a number of factors, including the quality of the coils. The following article will discuss some of the most common problems associated with SMOK Air devices.

SMOK Novo 2

If you’ve noticed that the SMOK Novo 2 doesn’t recognize the e-liquid you’re using, the cause may be the pod. If the pod is already out of juice, it could be a problem with the connection. To solve this issue, apply rubbing alcohol to the battery contacts. If they still look grimy, the battery may need to be charged. In some cases, the battery itself could be a problem as well, such as interference with the connections.

Another issue you may experience with the SMOK Novo is the charging port. Sometimes, the charging port is damage, and this will cause the SMOK Novo to not charge. Try using different charging cables, and blowing into the port to clear any debris. If this doesn’t fix the problem, cleaning the charging port with rubbing alcohol should fix the issue. Ultimately, this is a matter of SMOK’s quality control.

SMOK Acro Kit

The SMOK Acro is a compact, pocket-friendly device that combines simplicity and function. Its round fire button features a satisfying click and quick response time. The auto-draw firing system is support by the device. A small side button controls the device’s temperature. The SMOK Acro is also equippe with a 0.69-inch OLED screen that is easy to reading and clearly displays vaping information such as wattage, voltage, and coil resistance.

The SMOK Acro’s pods do not have removable coils. These are a drawback for some users, but others find this convenient. They are semi-transparent with a slight tint, making it easy to peek inside. In addition, the SMOK Acro is ergonomically designed and portable. One small but noticeable issue is that it only fires when the battery is fully charged.


The most common SMOK Pods issues involve a pod that does not light up. This issue can be solve by cleaning the battery contacts with rubbing alcohol or with a cotton swab. If the problem persists, it might be due to a short in the coil or an interference between the base and pod. If you are not sure which issue is causing the problem, read on.

SMOK ACRO Kit comes with a rechargeable 1000mAh battery and two meshed pods. Therefore pods have a 0.8ohm resistance built in and are made of PCTG plastic. The SMOK Nord 4 RPM 2 pod is easy to refill with two mL of e-juice. It is compatible with RPM coils. SMOK also provides replacement pods for the Nord 4 and SMOK Pods, which feature a side-fill port and a transparent viewing window.

SMOK coils

If your SMOK air fire only issues are due to a coil that is not tight enough, you need to check and tighten your coil. You may also be experiencing a problem with the 510 connection, which is the small metal prong that is located on the bottom of your tank. In order for your mod to work, the 510 connection must be make and maintaine. Try cleaning the dust from the connection. If the error message persists, the mod might have a more serious fault.

SMOK has a variety of ways to fix this issue, depending on your mod. Changing the firmware may help, but in some cases, you might have to replace the device. SMOK offers support and warranties to resolve common problems. If you can’t find a fix for your SMOK air fire only issue online, contact SMOK directly. To ensure the longevity of your mod, be sure to check the warranty card to see what it covers.

SMOK error message

If you are seeing the SMOK air fire only error message, you may be using the wrong e-juice or coils. These are common problems with vaping devices, and there are ways to fix them. First, check your coils. If you’re not sure which one is faulty, refer to your SMOK user guide. If the error still persists, try changing the coils.

A common cause of the SMOK air fire only error message is a short circuit in your mod or tank. To fix this problem, first check the resistance of the coil and 510 connection. If it’s too low, you might be building a coil with an improper resistance. Its the resistance is too high, try using another coil or atomizer. If you don’t find any short circuits, try using a different coil and testing it with another device.


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