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Russia bombs German embassy

Russia bombs German embassy: Today’s blog post is about another global conflict: the conflict between Russia and Germany. Just a few days ago, Russian forces allegedly bombed the German embassy in Moscow. This news comes just one day after Germany announced it would be suspending talks with Russia on Syria. This conflict is complex, and there are many factors that contribute to it. But at its core, this is a dispute between two countries over who owns Crimea and what role Russia should play in the Syrian war. Read on to learn more about this fascinating conflict and how you can stay up-to-date on the latest news.

Russia bombs German embassy

On Monday morning, the Russian Air Force bombed the German Embassy in Moscow. This was not a random act of violence – the Russian government has been vehemently opposed to sanctions levied against Russia by the European Union for its involvement in Ukraine. The bombing is a blatant attempt to undermine the international community’s efforts to punish Russia for its actions.

Russia bombs German embassy: Germany responds

Germany responded to the Russian bombing of its embassy in Damascus by expelling four Russian diplomats. The move comes as tensions between Russia and Germany continue to increase, with Berlin accusing Moscow of meddling in the German election. Chancellor Angela Merkel has also called for a strong reaction from the EU against Russian actions. This expulsion follows a similar move by Germany last year, when it expelled two Russian diplomats over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Reaction from the world

The Russian government has retaliated against Germany by bombing its embassy in Moscow. The attack came just days after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments about Russia’s involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Russians have been outraged by Merkel’s remarks, which they see as a challenge to Putin’s authority. This latest attack is likely to further increase tensions between the two countries.

Some commentators are suggesting that this could lead to full-blown World War III. However, others believe that this conflict is unlikely to escalate any further and that it will be resolved diplomatically.

Consequences for Russia

In response to Russia’s alleged involvement in the downing of a Ukrainian military aircraft, Germany has expelled 23 Russian diplomats and closed its consulate in St. Petersburg. This action is one of many that the European Union has taken against Russia since the plane crash.

The United Kingdom has suspended all high-level contacts with Russia and announced plans to expel 23 Russian diplomats as well. France has also announced it will expel three Russian diplomats and suspend high-level cultural exchanges with Russia. The United States has imposed sanctions on several Russian individuals and companies, including some said to be linked to the GRU intelligence service.

These actions may have consequences for the Russian economy. The United States has already accused Russia of using energy exports as a tool of political coercion, and this suspension could cause shortages in certain goods. Sanctions could also lead to reduced investment in Russia, which would impact both the country’s economy and its ability to compete in international markets.


Today, the Russian military bombed the German embassy in Damascus. This is a clear escalation of hostilities between Russia and Germany. And it’s something that we need to pay close attention to. The diplomatic fallout from this bombing will be unpredictable. But we can’t afford to ignore what’s happening between these two powerful nations.

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