Purewage: The Future Of Sustainable Workers

There are a lot of talks these days about the future of work. Some say that automation will completely replace human workers, while others predict that we’ll all be working on the cloud for the next few decades. But what about the future of sustainable workers? What does that look like, and how can businesses prepare for it? In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of Purewage and how it could shape the future of work. We’ll also discuss some practical tips for businesses that want to make sure their workers are sustainable and ethically sound.

What is Purewage?

Purewage is a new platform that provides sustainable, predictable pay for workers. It automates the process of paying employees, so there is no need for human error or missing payments.

With Purewage, businesses can reduce costs associated with payroll and HR, and increase transparency and security for their workforce. By automating the payment process, Purewage eliminates the headache of missed payments and long wait times for reimbursements.

Purewage also offers a transparent wage calculator that makes it easy to see how your wage compares to others in your field. This tool helps you understand what you’re worth and ensures you’re paid fairly for your work.

How does Purewage work?

Purewage is a new, sustainable way to pay workers. It’s a platform that connects workers with employers who can use Purewage to help offset the costs of paying employees using traditional methods like wages and salaries. Purewage is powered by blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency, PURE.

The idea behind Purewage is that it can help reduce the cost of employing workers while also helping to ensure that they are receiving fair wages. With Purewage, employers can use the platform to pay their employees in PURE tokens, which can then be transferred directly to their bank accounts. This means that workers don’t have to worry about traditional banking systems being able to process payments on their behalf.

Purewage also makes it easy for employers and employees to connect with one another. Workers can search through a list of available jobs on the platform and apply directly from their browsers. Employers can then review these applications and make a decision about whether or not they want to interview candidates. Once an agreement has been reached between an employer and a worker, payments will be processed through Pure Wage’s blockchain system.

What are the benefits of using?

There are many benefits to using Purewage, including the fact that it is a sustainable platform. Purewage is powered by blockchain technology and uses algorithms to ensure that wages are always fair and accurate. This means that workers can be confident in their paychecks and know that they’re receiving what they’re entitled to. Additionally, Purewage allows employers to manage their employee payroll more effectively and efficiently. This can save businesses time and money, while also ensuring that employees are treated fairly. Overall, Purewage provides a number of valuable advantages for both employers and employees.

How much does it cost to use Purewage?

Purewage is a new platform that allows workers to receive a sustainable wage for their work. The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, Nadia Kheir and Magda Szubanski, who believe in the potential of blockchain technology to create a more just economy.

Purewage uses a unique algorithm that pays workers based on their contribution to the company, not their hours worked. This system ensures that workers are rewarded fairly for their hard work, without having to rely on tips or other forms of supplemental income.

The benefits of using Purewage include:

-Sustainability: Purewage pays its employees a sustainable wage that doesn’t rely on tips or other forms of supplemental income. This makes it possible for workers to live off their earnings without sacrificing their quality of life.

-Equality: Purewage’s unique algorithm pays workers based on their contributions, not their hours worked. This eliminates the opportunity for exploitation and gives every worker an equal chance at success.

-Transparency: All transactions between Pure wage and its employees are transparent and recorded on the blockchain, allowing everyone involved to have complete trust in the system.


In today’s economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a job that offers a sustainable income. With the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, many tasks currently done by human beings are being replaced by machines. This has led to a decrease in the number of jobs available. Which in turn has led to an increase in the number of people looking for sustainable employment options. Pure wage is one such company that has developed a way for people to earn an income from home without having to leave their comfort zones.

Through Purewage, you can work as little or as much as you want and be paid based on your productivity rather than your hours worked. While there are some challenges inherent in this model (namely scalability), Pure wage is indicative of the future trend of sustainable employment. As technology continues to automate more jobs, companies like Purewage will become even more important in helping people build successful careers without having to compromise on their quality of life or lifestyles.

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