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Five Amazing Retirement Planning Tips for Single Individuals

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One of the biggest misconceptions about retirement is that it can be lonely and more challenging without a partner. The truth is that life after retirement without a partner does not mean it will necessarily be alone. On the contrary, there are many upsides to retiring single.

As a single retiree, you may need to save less today and spend at the same pace in the future. You can have full control over your finances and other important life decisions without any restrictions. For the rest, there will be a lot to ensure that you have a great time in your life as a retiree.

Here are some of the best retirement plan tips for single individuals

1. Build Your Emergency Fund

Every individual must always have at least six months of expenses saved as their emergency fund. An unexpected emergency can occur at any point in life. You must always be prepared to face such issues on your own since you do not have a partner to rely on.

Whether you face an unexpected job layoff or need a car repair, your savings can be exactly what you need in uncertain times. Therefore, it is important to automate and contribute a significant amount of your income to the emergency fund every month. 

2. Hone Your Financial Literacy

As a single retiree, one of the downsides that you may have to face is being the only one responsible for your finances. Many people often consider talking to their partners before making any important decisions. However, single retirees are the only ones that can make a call for their personal finances.

Having basic financial literacy from resources such as SoFi must be an important part of every single person’s retirement planning guide. From cash flow to taxes, new investments, and more, it is up to you to ensure the best outcome out of every financial statement.

3. Create a Retirement Budget

Have you ever considered your lifestyle after retirement? Would you like to resume the same lifestyle as today or take it up a notch? Whatever you save today for your retirement depends on the kind of life you are trying to create for yourself as a retiree.

Once you determine your lifestyle, the next step is to create an effective budget. You cannot continue spending without checks and balances if you are trying to create a hassle-free retirement life for yourself. It is important to take a crucial step at all times.

4. Delay Social Security

You can start collecting your social security as soon as you are 62 years old. It feels like a great benefit to life and a source of income at the moment but there is more to this factor than you think. Did you know that delaying your social security can increase your benefits?

It is best to consider postponing your Social Security till you reach the full retirement age. This way, you will increase your benefits more and more with every year of delay. Up till then, you can use other sources of income during retirement to maintain your lifestyle.

5. Strengthen Existing Relationships

Just because you do not have a life partner does not mean that there are no significant relationships in your life. Your friends, children, and other relatives are essential parts of your life whom you need at every stage of life. 

If you have children, try moving closer to them to get in touch with them during any emergencies. In addition, studies suggest that having your loved ones by your side can also increase your longevity and boost your mood every day.


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