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E-book or Paper Book for Schoolchildren — Which is Better? 

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However, even though the “paper” sisters have forecast their destruction several times since the introduction of electronic books, they have managed to hold on to our loves and exert power over us despite this. When paper books only appeared, they were the only possibility for people to get any kind of either academic or general information. Even to get to the university you had to read loads of literature about the application process, as there were no cover letter writing services to get help from — you had to do everything on your own.   A major obstacle to totally eliminating printed books from the literary scene is the fact that many people prefer the tactile experience of holding a book in their hands. To rely only on the strength of the mind is the only choice available. Is it going to be loyalty or modernity that wins out? As a result of the widespread use of electronic technology, e-books have seen an increase in popularity. We set out to determine if an e-book or a physical copy would be more beneficial for us. 

It used to be a frequent occurrence for me to carry about an Amazon Kindle 2013 e-book while studying for an extended amount of time. The device was a straightforward, low-cost solution that enabled me to read wherever I went for a lengthy amount of time. Overall, the e-book is a good addition to the library, but it has been overtaken by the traditional book due to the significant advantages it offers over printed books. Why? Today is the day to make certain that all of the bases are covered. 


Electronic books have a variety of important benefits over traditional printed books, mostly due to the functionality of electronic books. 

  1. Ability to upload many books into one 
  2. Small size and weight 

3. Convenient settings (you can adjust the font size, on some – the backlight) 

4. Practicality (when traveling, the rain is not terrible for such a book) 

5. Savings (if you buy one e-book, it can last you for years) 

6. Environmental friendliness 

Having access to an e-book in today’s society is more than just a convenient way to pass the time; it is a requirement for both adults and children alike. Because of technological improvements, it is now safer and easier to purchase one e-book and download all of the textbooks from it before handing it to your child at school. Children can avoid having to carry their textbooks about with them if they are not required to do it on their own time. Not to mention the significance of maintaining excellent health

With every electronic book purchase, you contribute to reducing the waste of trees that would otherwise be used to print physical copies of books on a large scale. Notable disadvantages include the necessity to charge the gadget regularly, the negative impact on one’s eyes, and the lack of aesthetic satisfaction that reading provides in comparison to other forms of entertainment. 


It is unavoidable that printed books will become extinct in the next centuries. Among their many advantages are the following. 

  1. Reading has a tactile aesthetic quality to it. 
  2. The level of detail in the illustrations 
  3. There is no requirement for charging. 
  4. Electronics are way more expensive. 
  5. There are fewer negative consequences on the eyes. 

Contrary to popular belief, printed books are not suffering as a result of the digital revolution. Simply smelling and feeling new paint or the newly printed paper is worth something in and of itself. Aside from that, e-books can only support black and white visuals, which do not correctly reflect the full range of hues seen in nature. Fortunately, this issue does not affect the paperback edition of the book.  

 In addition, if you wish to compile a collection of publications, you will be unable to do so using an e-book format. 


At the end of the day, the decision between electronic and physical books comes down to individual desire. In the case of a person who is constantly on the move, an e-book is a more practical alternative due to its mobility. Paper versions of your favorite books are for people who enjoy the sensation of opening, carefully inspecting, smelling, and touching a book in their hands.  

Besides the electronic book, I have a large number of physical books. I make my judgment based on the facts of the scenario at hand. I can only carry one printed book with me on a picnic or vacation since I know I won’t have time to read any other books while I’m away. When traveling by air, rail, or automobile, it is helpful to have a digital copy with you at all times. 


A wonderful alternative to purchasing an e-book is available for individuals who do not wish to spend money on one. As an alternative, you can utilize a reading app on your iPhone or iPad to get around the problem. This isn’t an e-book, and the battery may deplete more quickly as a result, but it’s the best option to purchase an e-book directly.  

We’ve compiled a list of iPhone readers that we have personally tested: 

Google Play Books 

Our top selection is Google Play Books, which is available for free. A large collection of items that may or may not be associated with your account Ukrainian. And English/Russian comics, as well as modern literary recommendations, are both accessible in a variety of formats. I like that the prices of the books are reasonable. It takes some getting accustomed to, but the reading interface is not a significant turnoff for me. 


In addition to a free trial version, there is a commercial edition of the BookMate application. That features a user-friendly structure, useful settings, and a large variety of additional products. If you wish to check out some books, you may do so at a nearby free library. 


In addition to being a wonderful app, MyBook also comes with a free trial. The user interface (UI) is extremely appealing, as is the fact that there are free audiobooks accessible. The presence of a large database of free books is a huge benefit to this service, and it should be emphasized. 

We hope you find this information to be of assistance to you. In the comments box, please tell us about the types of novels you enjoy reading. If you’d like, you may also share your reading applications in the comments area if you have any ideas. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter. 


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