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5 Benefits of Using a Nebulizer Machine

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Sometimes due to some health ailments especially related to the lungs, it gets difficult to take medicines orally. At such times doctors mostly prescribe nebulizer Machine for medication. Before understanding the benefits, let’s find out about nebulizer machines

What is a Nebulizer Machine?

The Nebulizer is equipment that converts liquid medication into mists inhaled in the lungs through a mask or mouthpiece. Nebulizers are prescribed to treat asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and other respiratory disorders. Patients can suck in the medicine without much effort. Not every time patients need a nebulizer, only in cases when normal breathing is getting difficult. Doctors readily switch to nebulizers because of the benefits that patients receive. 

Benefits of Using a Nebulizer Machine

1. Active medication insertion

When the oral medicine is taken through the mouth, it breaks down by the digestive system, and the broken pieces travel through the bloodstream, ultimately relieving the pain. But the process takes approx 30 minutes. 

Even 5 minutes of breathing feels like a bundle of time has passed when a patient faces breathing problems. 

At such times, Nebulizer turns out to be their savior. Medicine taken through a nebulizer skips the digestive system process and directly flows through the bloodstream, which reaches the problemed area. The process takes about 5-10 minutes. 

Thus the nebulizer process saves time, ultimately giving immediate relief.

2. Using a nebulizer is not rocket science.

The easy-to-use factor of the Nebulizer makes it convenient for the patients to use at home and need not require any medical professional to assist. There’s no rocket science involved while operating. Home appliances like microwaves are much more complicated compared to nebulizers. Therefore anyone can easily use it and grab the benefits, ultimately giving instant relief. 

The additional benefit is that it’s easy to carry because of its portable size. It’s travel and space-friendly. Therefore be everywhere without hurting your health.

3. Long-term comfort health

Nebulizers can work as preventive care and resolve long-term respiratory problems with the use of nebulizers. It can delay the sudden respiratory flare-up and prevent them in the future. 

Not only can we use nebulizers as a preventive measure, but they can also heal acute respiratory problems. Regular use reduces inflammation and mucus production, finally giving a free passage for oxygen to flow.

4. Nebulizers are known for fewer side effects.

Nebulizers tend to develop fewer side effects compared to oral meds. It also reduces the consequences of short-term side effects like tumours, headaches, or rapid heartbeat.

It also reduces the risk of long-term steroids and complications like high blood pressure, high blood glucose, weight gain, bone loss, and infections.

5. Nebulizers are cost-effective. 

Having so many benefits, it must be expensive? Well NO. Nebulizers are cost-friendly. Your one-day hospital expense is similar to many uses of nebulizers. Being so cost-effective, still, patients don’t use nebulizers resulting in spending a night in a hospital room. 

If the Nebulizer is cleaned and used properly, it’s a one-time investment. You don’t need to replace it frequently. 

Quality and cost less! What else do we need! 

The decision.

After knowing the hell lot of benefits, in the end, the decision is it’s a good choice to buy a nebulizer. More than benefits, it gives you comfort. It relaxes you and sets up your confused state of mind with peace. Having a good sleep at night is a dream of every respiratory patient. Therefore buy, keep it near your table, and have a stress-free, comfortable sleep. 

But where to buy from? A nebulizer machine is available to all pharmacists. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab it. 


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