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The Occupy Democrats Logic

This blog post argues that the Occupy Democrats’ logic (a slogan used by Occupy Democrats) is flawed and that it is an inaccurate way to think about the United States.

What is Occupy Democrats’ Logic?

Occupy Democrats Logic is the term used to describe the reasoning behind the Occupy Movement. The premise is that we are all in this together and that if we work together, we can fix our broken system. ODL is based on four key principles: community, democracy, equality, and sustainability.

Community: We believe that our success depends on working together as a collective. We believe that we are stronger when we are united.

Democracy: We believe in participatory democracy – that everyone has a voice and a role to play in our society.

Equality: We believe that all people are created equal and deserve the same rights and opportunities.

Sustainability: We believe that our planet and its resources are not infinite and that we need to take care of them now so they will be available for future generations.

Why the Occupy Democrats Movement is the Future

The Occupy Democrats movement is a powerful example of the power of democracy in action. The movement’s goal is to bring about change in America by working together to create a more democratic society.

The Occupy Democrats movement is growing rapidly, and its message is resonating with people all over the United States. The movement is also receiving support from top elected officials, including President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Occupy Democrats movement has shown that it is possible to bring about change through peaceful protest and grassroots activism. The movement is also helping to raise awareness about the need for reform in America.

The Occupy Democrats movement is the future of democracy in America. It is an example of how democracy can work to improve our society, and it is an inspiration to all of us who believe in democracy.

How to Support the Movement

Here is a guide on how to support Occupy Democrats and the movement as a whole.

1) Join or create an online group to discuss the issues and coordinate actions.
2) Share information about local Occupy protests and events with your friends and family.
3) Write letters to the editor expressing your support for Occupy Democrats and the movement.
4) Donate money, time, or supplies to local Occupy groups.
5) Vote in upcoming elections to show your support for progressive candidates.


I think the Occupy Democrats’ logic is flawed. While they may have a valid point in some cases, their thinking extends beyond what is realistic or possible. It’s admirable that they want to fight for change, but it’s misguided to put all of their eggs in one basket and to ignore the many other factors at play when trying to make a difference. Change takes time and effort, and expecting things to happen overnight is unrealistic – especially when it comes to politics.

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