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The novels extra light novel: The novel extra light novel is a new type of novel that has become popular in recent years. This type of novel is characterized by its short length, simple illustrations, and easy-to-read text. While the extra light novel may be new, it is already becoming a hit with readers. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the popularity of this type of novel and how you can get started reading them.

What is an extra light novel?

An extra light novel is a type of light novel that is shorter in length than a regular light novel. These novels are typically around 50-100 pages in length, and are often used as side stories or spin-offs to an existing series. Extra light novels often focus on characters or events that are not the main focus of the original story, and as such, can be a great way to learn more about your favorite series.

The different types of extra light novels

There are many different types of extra light novels, each with their own unique style and story. Here are just a few of the most popular extra light novel genres:

-Romance: These stories focus on the emotional relationships between characters, often with a romantic angle.

-Comedy: As the name suggests, these stories are meant to be funny, usually with lots of slapstick humor and silly situations.

-Adventure: These stories follow the characters as they undertake some sort of quest or journey, facing challenges along the way.

-Mystery: These stories keep readers guessing as they try to solve a crime or figure out who is behind some sort of conspiracy.

-Fantasy: These stories transport readers to another world, often filled with magic and mythical creatures.

Pros and cons

Extra light novels are a great way to get your hands on more content for your favorite novel series. They often include new story arcs and side stories that can provide more insight into the characters and world of the original story. However, extra light novels can also be expensive, and they may not always be easy to find.

What are some popular extra light novels?

There are many popular extra light novels. Some of the more well-known titles include:

-A Certain Magical Index
-Toaru Majutsu no Index
-light novel
-Death Note

These are just a few of the most popular extra light novels out there. There are many others that are just as good, if not better. It really all depends on what you’re looking for in a novel. If you want something that’s action packed, then one of the above mentioned titles would be a good choice. If you’re looking for something that’s more slice-of-life oriented, then there are plenty of those types of extra light novels as well. It really all comes down to personal preference in the end.

How to write an extra light novel

Assuming you mean an extra light novel, as in a novel that is particularly light-hearted:

When writing an extra light novel, it’s important to keep the tone light and airy. The best way to do this is by focusing on the positive aspects of the story, and downplaying any potential conflict.

Another key element of writing an extra light novel is to focus on the characters and their interactions. Make sure the characters are likable and easy to root for, and that their interactions are fun and entertaining.

Finally, don’t take things too seriously! An extra light novel should be enjoyable to read, so make sure the writing is engaging and the story is enjoyable.


Although the extra light novel series is not as well-known as some of the other light novel series out there, it is definitely worth checking out. The novels are relatively short, making them easy to read, and they’re full of interesting plot twists and turns. If you’re looking for a quick, enjoyable read, then I highly recommend giving the extra light novel series a try.

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