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The Evolution of Tootsie Roll Lyrics Over the Years

Are you a fan of the classic candy Tootsie Roll? If so, have you ever paid attention to the lyrics that come with it? From the catchy tunes of “How many licks does it take?” to “Whatever it is, I think I see,” Tootsie Roll has had some iconic jingles over the years. This blog post’ll take a trip down memory lane and explore how these famous Tootsie Roll lyrics have evolved throughout the decades. So please sit back, grab your favourite pack of Tootsie Rolls, and let’s dive into the history of its timeless jingles!

Tootsie Roll Lyrics: The Early Years

In the early years of Tootsie Roll, the lyrics were straightforward. The jingle “Whatever it is I think I see becomes a Tootsie Roll to me” was introduced in the 1930s and quickly became popular among candy lovers. 

These early lyrics focused on the candy itself, with lines like “Caramel chocolate chew” and “Tootsie Rolls are all I need”. These catchy phrases helped to establish Tootsie Roll as a beloved treat that satisfied sweet cravings.

As time passed, new lyrics were added to keep up with changing trends. In the 1950s, Tootsie Roll released a jingle asking, “How many licks does it take?”. This playful song became an instant hit among kids who loved trying to solve this age-old question.

Despite evolving, one thing remained constant in these early years: Tootsie Roll’s commitment to creating fun and memorable jingles that captured people’s hearts. It’s no wonder that even today, people still sing along when they hear those classic tunes from their childhood!

Tootsie Roll Lyrics: The 70s

The 70s were a time of disco, bell bottoms, and funky beats. It was also the era when Tootsie Roll lyrics evolved into something catchier and more upbeat.

Gone were simple rhymes about the candy’s shape and texture. Instead, Tootsie Roll lyrics in the 70s focused on getting people up on their feet and dancing. The song became a staple in dance clubs across America.

One notable change in the Tootsie Roll lyrics during this time was its incorporation of popular dance moves like “the bump” and “the hustle.” These additions made it easier for club-goers to get down with the music while enjoying their favourite sweet treat.

Additionally, there was an emphasis placed on repetition in Tootsie Roll lyrics during this decade. Lines like “Tootsie roll soul” repeated throughout the song created a catchy hook that stuck with listeners long after they left the dancefloor.

Tootsie Roll lyrics in the 70s represented a shift towards more engaging and energetic themes that reflected both pop culture trends at the time and new approaches to writing music that would keep crowds moving all night long.

Tootsie Roll Lyrics: The 80s

The 80s marked a significant shift in music and pop culture, and the Tootsie Roll lyrics were no exception. The catchy tune continued to dominate dance floors across America, but the lyrics took on a playful and flirtatious tone.

In this decade, the Tootsie Roll became more than just candy – it symbolized a fun-loving attitude permeating the era’s music. The lyrics invited listeners to join in on the playful energy of the song with lines like “Tootsie Roll, how I love your chocolatey chew” and “Put me in your mouth and suck it.”

The sexual undertones of these lyrics were subtle enough not to be overtly explicit but still added an element of cheekiness that resonated with audiences. Additionally, references to popular dances such as “the twist” added another layer of nostalgia for those who grew up during this time.

The Tootsie Roll lyrics from the 80s capture a carefree spirit that defined much of pop culture during this decade. They embodied an era in which people could let loose and have fun without taking themselves too seriously.

The 90s

The 90s saw an explosion of music genres, and Tootsie Roll became a quintessential party anthem. The catchy tune and lyrics made it the go-to song for dance-offs and gatherings.

In this decade, the Tootsie Roll lyrics underwent minor but significant changes. One noticeable difference was in the chorus section, where the repetition of “Tootsie Roll” increased drastically. The verse sections added more urban slang, making it even more relatable to young listeners.

The bridge section featured new lines to hype the crowd even further. Lines like “Get on the floor” and “Let me see you shake your stuff” added another layer of fun and excitement to an already fantastic track.

Another noteworthy change in Tootsie Roll’s lyrics during this era was how they emphasized dance moves such as “butterfly” and “back it up,” which became synonymous with line dancing at parties.

Tootsie Roll’s evolution over time is a testament to its staying power and ability to adapt while retaining its core DNA: being a fun party anthem that gets everyone moving their feet.


As we have seen, the Tootsie Roll song has undergone numerous changes throughout history. From the simple and catchy original lyrics to adding new verses and dance moves in later years, this iconic tune has truly evolved with the times.

Today, you can still hear “Tootsie Roll” blasting through speakers at parties and events worldwide. While some may argue it’s just a silly novelty song from a bygone era, others say its enduring popularity proves something special about those timeless lyrics and infectious beats.

No matter your opinion, one thing is certain: whether you’re young or old, everyone knows how to do The Tootsie Roll!

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