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Thats not how its done raw

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It is crucial to understand the proper techniques when it comes to accomplishing tasks efficiently and effectively. Sometimes, individuals might attempt to tackle a task incorrectly or unrefinedly, leading to less-than-desirable results. In this article, we will explore various areas where the “thats not how its done raw” mindset can hinder progress. By shedding light on these instances, we emphasize the importance of adopting correct techniques to achieve optimal outcomes.

Thats not how its done raw: Cooking Techniques:

Proper cooking techniques are vital in creating delicious and visually appealing dishes in the culinary world. When someone says, “Thats not how its done raw” it indicates that the initial approach was unsuitable for the desired outcome. Whether it’s the incorrect use of heat, improper seasoning, or insufficient cooking time, overlooking essential cooking techniques can result in lackluster meals. To enhance your culinary skills, consider learning proper cooking techniques, such as sautéing, braising, and roasting.

Thats not how its done raw: Fitness and Exercise:

Engaging in physical activities without understanding proper techniques can lead to injury and subpar results. The phrase “Thats not how its done raw” resonates within the fitness realm, highlighting the significance of using correct form and technique when exercising. Whether you are weightlifting, practicing yoga, or performing cardio workouts, using the improper form can strain muscles and joints and even lead to long-term complications. To maximize your fitness journey, seek professional guidance, follow proper instructions, and prioritize safety.

Problem-Solving Approaches:

In problem-solving scenarios, individuals often encounter challenges that require logical thinking and structured approaches. The phrase “Thats not how its done raw” underscores the significance of adopting effective problem-solving techniques. Instead of relying on impulsive decisions or unstructured strategies, embrace logical reasoning, gather relevant information, and explore different perspectives. By approaching problems with a methodical mindset, you can improve your chances of finding optimal solutions.

Academic Pursuits:

Students and researchers must follow appropriate methodologies to yield reliable and valid results in pursuit of knowledge. “Thats not how its done raw” indicates a lack of adherence to established academic practices and can lead to flawed outcomes. Whether it’s conducting experiments, writing research papers, or analyzing data, employing correct methodologies is essential. By understanding the proper techniques within your field of study, you can contribute to the existing body of knowledge and ensure the validity of your findings.

Thats not how its done raw: Professional Etiquette:

Adhering to appropriate etiquette is essential for building relationships and achieving success in professional settings when someone states, “Thats not how its done raw” they are likely referring to the breach of professional conduct. Whether it’s improper communication, lack of punctuality, or disregarding workplace norms, neglecting professional etiquette can hinder career growth. You can foster positive relationships and enhance your professional image by understanding and implementing the correct professional techniques, such as effective communication, active listening, and proper workplace etiquette.


The phrase “Thats not how its done raw” serves as a reminder that success often lies in employing the correct techniques across various aspects of life. From cooking to fitness, problem-solving to academia, and professional conduct, embracing proper methodologies can yield more favorable outcomes. By recognizing the importance of following established practices and seeking guidance when needed, you can enhance your skills, achieve better results, and pave the way for personal and professional growth. Remember, success comes not only from raw effort but also from employing the right techniques.


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