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SHIMANO RD-R8050-Gs Inner Plate – Y3HR00040

SHIMANO RD-R8050-Gs Inner Plate – Y3HR00040 is a great option for riders who are looking for a lightweight, durable, and efficient option. The inner plate is made from aluminum, so it’s both strong and light. It also features Shimano’s Shadow Design technology, which helps to reduce the weight of the inner plate while also improving its durability. If you’re in the market for an inner plate that will make your bike perform better and look great at the same time, the Shimano RD-R8050-Gs is an excellent choice.

What is the SHIMANO RD-R8050-Gs Inner Plate?

The Shimano RD-R8050-Gs Inner Plate is a replacement part for the RD-R8050 cassette. It is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and lifespan. The Inner Plate improves shifting performance by reducing friction and resistance while in use.

How to install the Inner Plate Y3HR00040:

If you own a Shimano RD-R-G mountain bike, you know that the Inner Plate is a key component of your drivetrain. Replacing or repairing the Inner Plate can be a hassle, but it’s not impossible. This guide will show you how to install the Inner Plate on your bike.

1) Locate the Shimano PosiSys Cassette Lock Outs. These are located on either side of the cassette hub and must be disengaged before installing the Inner Plate.

2) Remove the two 10mm bolts that secure the cassette hub to the frame.

3) Turn the hub so that it can be accessed from behind and remove the six 10mm bolts that secure it to the frame.

4) Carefully slide out the cassette and remove the old Inner Plate. Save any grease or plastic debris that may have been forced into crevices on the hub during installation.

5) Shimano recommends using an Outer Ring Nut Wrench (Part No: SHIMANO OTW096A | Amazon US | Amazon UK). If your bike doesn’t have this option, you can use a standard wrench to turn each bolt until it’s tight enough, but avoid over-tightening which could cause damage to components inside of the hub shell. Once all six bolts are in place, reattach each clip with a light tap from a hammer before replacing everything back together in reverse order: Hub Shell -> Clip

Specifications of the Inner Plate Y3HR00040:

The Shimano RD-R-Gs Inner Plate is a high-performance replacement part for your Road Drivetrain. The Inner Plate is made from lightweight aluminum, and features heat-treated blades that are tuned to provide superior performance. This part replaces the stock inner plate on the RD-R-GS crankset. The Shimano RD-R-Gs Inner Plate also includes a bearing cap and screws.


The SHIMANO RD-R8050-Gs Inner Plate is designed to provide compatibility with the Y3HR00040 chain. This inner plate is essential for those who wish to use Shimano’s 10-speed drivetrain on their mountain bike.

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