Keeping Warm in Winter Tips

The days are getting noticeably colder and darker, meaning our homes are starting to be impacted by the chilly temperatures. This is especially true when considering how energy costs have skyrocketed recently, meaning it’s not as simple as switching on the central heating. In order to keep warm this winter, people across the globe are having to adopt new habits rather than relying on their radiators. Listed below are some of the top tips for keeping warm in winter, especially when considering just how expensive heating is set to get in the coming months. 

Ensure Windows and Doors are Energy Efficient

Your windows and doors are the openings to your home; consequently, cold can enter your home via them and heat can escape. Even if windows and doors are closed, if they’re not very energy efficient, they’ll have small gaps that allow for the exchange of cold and hot air. Therefore, in anticipation of the winter months, you should make sure your home is fitted with energy efficient windows and doors. They should be double glazed as a minimum, but triple glazing allows for an even greater energy efficiency. This is because the pockets of air between the glass allow for circulation, trapping heat in your home. 

Maintain the Temperature

In order to keep your home toasty, you should try and keep the temperature consistent rather than hiking up the heat and turning it down when you’ve warmed up. As a rule of thumb, you should keep your thermostat between 65°F and 70°F, and this should be enough to keep your home nice and warm. What’s more keeping your heating at a lower temperature for a longer period of time is cheaper than giving it a quick hot blast and switching it off. Similarly, a consistent temperature allows you to adjust to your home’s climate, ensuring you feel warmer for longer. 

Have Your Heating Serviced

On a yearly basis, you should have your heating serviced to ensure everything is running smoothly. It’s best to have this done in and around August/September, as you’ll likely want to turn your heating on in October. This way, you can ensure that everything is fine in anticipation of the winter months. It’s important to have your heating regularly serviced as, not only can you end up going weeks without heating, but it can lead to more expensive issues that a lot of us can’t afford currently. A regular service is key to saving you money and keeping you warm this winter. 

Block Out the Cold

As previously mentioned, doors and windows can have gaps in them even when they’re shut, allowing heat to escape and cold to enter. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep warm in the winter is to block out the cold, using draft excluders, curtains, blinds, and other measures. Despite this, make sure you still ventilate to avoid damp and mold issues, as winter creates the perfect environment for condensation to fester and mold to develop. This isn’t exactly the cozy atmosphere you’re after in your home. 

Wrap Up Warm

Last but certainly not least, it’s much easier to warm yourself up than warm an entire house up. So, before you attempt to heat the house, be sure to warm yourself. Thick pyjamas, onesies, bathrobes, thick socks, blankets; they’re all essential for keeping warm in the winter months. Not only are they sure to keep you toasty, but they also contribute to that cozy feeling that you’re after. Keeping your feet warm is the most important step to preventing yourself from feeling chilly so grab those slippers! 

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