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Jessica Sodie: The New Conversationalist

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Jessica Sodie is a social media influencer and businesswoman. She is the founder of Mode Media, a content marketing agency, and the co-founder of Fetch Marketing, a social media optimization company. Jessica’s work focuses on helping businesses create engaging and shareable content, which is essential for reaching new customers on social media. Jessica has some amazing insights to share about social media marketing and how you can apply it to your business. In this interview, Jessica provides timeless advice for anyone looking to grow their business through social media.

Jessica Sodie Background

Jessica Sodie is a social media influencer, comedian, and writer who has a large following on Instagram and Facebook. She rose to prominence in 2017 as the host of the popular podcast The Female Brain with Dr. Sue Gerber. Sodie uses her platform to discuss topics including mental health, body image, and self-care. Her writing has been featured on sites like Bustle and The Huffington Post.

Sodie was born in Massachusetts but raised in Florida. She attended the University of Central Florida before dropping out to focus on her comedy career. Her first professional show was at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

In addition to her work as an influencer and comedian, Sodie is also a social worker who specializes in working with young people dealing with mental health issues.

How Jessica Sodie Uses Technology to Connect With Her Audience

Jessica Sodie, a content creator and social media influencer, has found efficient ways to connect with her audience through technology. In an effort to break the mold of traditional content creation and distribution methods, Jessica uses tools like Snapchat and YouTube to create short videos that are engaging on both a personal level and as informational resources.

Her Snapchat account “Simply Jess” boasts over 170,000 followers who enjoy following her daily adventures and receiving helpful tips on living a healthy lifestyle. Jessica also uses Snapchat to interact with her fans during live broadcasts on topics like makeup tutorials and fashion advice. Her YouTube channel, Simply Jess TV, has over 1 million subscribers who can watch her share how-to videos on everything from cooking to home decorating.

Jessica’s approach to content generation is refreshing in an industry overrun with tutorial videos and blog posts. Her ability to translate complex information into easily digestible video form allows her audience to reach out to her for personalized guidance in their own lives. By using technology as a means of connection rather than solely as a way of distribution, Jessica is creating powerful relationships with her fans that go beyond simply consuming information.

Jessica Sodie’s Tips for Networking and Building Relationships

Jessica Sodie is a social media influencer and businesswoman with over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and a following of more than 275,000 people on LinkedIn. She has written for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, TIME, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal.

In this blog post, Jessica Sodie shares her tips for networking and building relationships.

1. Follow the leaders: “One of the best ways to network and build relationships is to connect with people who are already doing well in their field. This means following the leaders in your industry or field – people who are setting the standard for excellence.”

2. Make yourself valuable: “Don’t wait for others to take notice of you – start by putting your skills and experience to use and offering value to others. Share your insights, stories, or ideas – anything that will make you valuable to the people around you.”

3. Be authentic: “When meeting new people or networking online, be genuine – let your personality shine through without being phony or trying too hard to be someone you’re not. And always remember: it’s okay to be introverted at times; it’s what makes you unique.”

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: “The best way to learn about other businesses or professionals is by asking questions. It can be difficult to take the plunge into a new conversation


Jessica Sodie is a digital media personality who has mastered the art of conversation. Whether she is chatting with celebrities, sharing her thoughts on fashion or giving advice on health and wellness, Sodie knows how to capture and hold our attention. Her approach? Engaging, personable and always interesting. If you’re looking for someone to have a genuine conversation with about anything and everything, then follow Jessica Sodie on social media and be sure to enjoy the conversations that will ensue!


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