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How to Winterize Your Western Star 57X Truck

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When you’ve purchased one of the most rugged, powerful, and desired big rigs on the market, you need to take care of it. This involves regular maintenance and considering how to prepare your truck for the various seasons. There’s no more demanding season for maintenance and none that take a more brutal toll on vehicles than the winter. Western Star 57X Truck. 

Considering Regular Truck Maintenance

Every big rig requires regular maintenance to ensure safety and reliability on the road. During the winter months, maintenance is essential due to the likelihood of running into dangerous driving conditions. Before you finish your checklist for winterizing your truck for the end of the season, complete all of the yearly maintenance tasks you’ll need to stay in top shape.  

Consider Buying a New Truck

If you’ve been experiencing chronic maintenance issues and are considering upgrading to your next vehicle, you’ll want to make that change before the winter arrives. There’s no point in spending long hours behind the wheel in dangerous conditions with a truck you can’t trust. Anything could go wrong at the worst time, and that’s not worth the risk. 

If you’re bitter about the need to make a change, you should consider buying a truck that will last longer this time around. Check out the new Western Star 57X for a durable truck that you won’t have to worry about giving up for a long time. 

Change Your Oil

Due to the colder weather, you will want to run a lighter oil with a lower rating for viscosity. In most cases, you’ll likely need to change from a 15W-40 to a 10W-30, but the exact viscosity your engine needs will depend on the climate where you’ll be driving. Check with your mechanic if you are unsure what oil will work best for your truck. 

Do an Inspection of Your Coolant System

Check the level of your coolant system and pressurize it to look for leaks. If you notice any sign of leaks, you’ll want to get your system up to par before you start driving long distances in winter weather.

Test Out Your Block Heater

You might be used to driving in locations with warm climates, but if you’re planning to drive to an area with extreme cold during the winter, you’ll need to have a working block heater. If you try running without a block heater, you may not be able to start your engine after resting for the night.   

Check Your Heating System and Defrost Capabilities

You don’t want your heating system to go on you when you’re in the middle of a long drive in a remote area during the winter. You’ll also need to ensure your window defrosting system is in working order so you can maintain visibility on the road. 

Refill Your Window Washer Fluid 

In poor winter conditions, your windshield will get dirty fast. This will cause you to use up a great deal of wiper fluid in a short amount of time. Ensure your reservoir is full, and bring along extra bottles to spare.  

If you want to ensure you’re all set for winter driving, get a mechanic to give you a hand with winterizing your truck. On the other hand, if you aren’t confident in the ability of your truck, visit a Western Star dealership to get started on an upgrade. 


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