Get Creative with Indoor Running!

Indoor running is making many heads turn today. The sport, if it can be called so, has become instrumental in maintaining the fitness of many people in the pandemic-ridden world. While many people have been practicing this for some time now, the sport as such took a giant leap after the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As people were still afraid to enter public spaces like gyms, parks, and other exercise areas, people wanted to have a safe running experience. While running on a treadmill is healthy enough, it is not interesting enough. In fact, after a couple of days, it could get monotonous and demotivating.

Indoor Running in the Virtual World of Vingo


With the usage of technological aids like the Vingo app, you can make your simple running into an adventure sport. If you are the adventurous type you can even make it a treasure hunt. The app gamifies running. When we say gamification of running we don’t mean like those infinity running games like Subway Surfer or the Temple Run games. One similarity between these apps and Vingo is that you get a real visual treat in both these apps. In the case of Vingo, you can personalize the character or avatar that you will have in the virtual space. You can easily create your own avatar by taking a picture of yourself or uploading a photo inside the app. This makes the running into an Online running where you can have the experience customized as per your preference. 

Creating a Stunning Experience for All


Whether you like to run along the cold beaches, ravishing rivers and ravines, or even hilltops. Whatever the place where you want to run, you can tailor the experience for you. Another interesting advantage of this online running app is that you can bring in your friends. With Vingo, you can also meet new people in the virtual world and start working out with them. You can chat in real-time by using your voice too. This way, the running feels real yet different. Real as you can speak with new people from anywhere in the world, different as the overall virtual experience is exciting.

Don’t Stop Experimenting with Running or Cycling


One great use case of the app is for your whole family’s fitness. Whether you like to run or cycle, you can use this app. The best merit of this app is that you can create up to 8 profiles in your app. If you prefer running, you can use this app to run. If your spouse or children love to cycle, then you can create a separate profile for them in which they can cycle. Their profiles will not be affected by your progress. 


What is more interesting about this bike app is that you can use it for free for up to a period of one year. Post which, you would be required to pay as much as $15 dollars per month. So, what are you waiting for?

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