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Genes – What You Need To Know

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While most of us are familiar with what DNA does and how it is used for genetic testing, the concept of genes is much more involved than that. Learn about it in this blog article!

Gene Basics

What are genes and what do they do?
A gene is a unit of heredity – the basic unit of genetic information. Gene carries the coded instructions for making proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of cells, tissues, and organs. Genetic information is passed from parents to their children through gene.

How do genes control the development of an organism?
The process of development begins with fertilization between two gametes (sperm or egg). The gametes fuse together to form a single cell, which then divides into two cells. Each cell in turn produces more gametes. The first cell to divide will become the embryo, and the second cell will become the fetus. The genetic information in each gamete determines which traits will be inherited by the offspring.

What are the Variations in Genes?

Different variations of genes occur in different people. Some gene variations are normal and don’t cause any problems, while other gene variations can be risky and lead to diseases. Knowing about the variations of gene is important for health care professionals, family members, and individuals themselves.

Why are Genes Important?

Genes are important because they are the basic units of heredity. This means that the gene that you inherit from your parents determine the characteristics of your body and your personality.

The Correlation Between Genes and Disease

According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a correlation between gene and disease. This is because certain gene mutations can increase your risk of developing a particular disease. For example, if you have a gene that causes you to be more susceptible to cancer, then you are more likely to develop cancer if you are exposed to cancer-causing factors. In addition, some diseases are caused by the combination of several different genes.

There is still much that is unknown about the relationship between genes and disease, but researchers are continually working to learn more. By understanding this relationship, scientists can develop better ways to prevent and treat diseases.

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