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Etieno Ekiko: the man with 1000 names

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Etieno Ekiko is a fascinating man. He is a drummer and percussionist, but he is also something of an anomaly. He has over 1000 names, all of which represent different aspects of his music. Etieno Ekiko’s name reflects his love of traditional African drumming and the various rhythms it can be played to. His other names reflect his fascination with world music and the myriad styles that can be found across the globe. If you’re interested in world percussion or exploring more about the myriad ways names can reflect an individual’s identity, Etieno Ekiko is a must-read. His story and 1000 names are sure to fascinate you.

Etieno Ekiko is a unique character

Etieno Ekiko is a unique character. He was born in Kenya, Africa with 13 names. When he was just two months old, his family had to move because of the violence and instability in their home country. They settled in the United States and Ekiko started having trouble with pronunciation of his names – they sounded too similar. So, he decided to change them all to one name – Etieno.

Etieno has an incredibly diverse background, as he grew up in America, Kenya, and Spain. He has worked as a musician, comedian, actor, and social media influencer among many other things. But his impressive resume isn’t what makes Etieno so special – it’s his ability to connect with people that does. no matter where they are from or what language they speak.

Etieno is also passionate about helping others achieve their goals and dreams. For example…

His 1000 names

In his native tongue, Etieno Ekiko means “the man with 1000 names.” The Igbo name-giver is one of the most prolific name-givers in the world. Born in 1914, Ekiko has given birth to more than 1,000 children–each of whom has a unique and memorable name.

The origins of Etieno Ekiko’s unique naming tradition are rooted in his ancestors’ oral history. According to legend, the Igbo people were once divided into clans based on their Hunting Dog names. Each clan possessed a different Hunting Dog and each Hunting Dog had a different name. Over time, as the Igbo migrated and intermingled with other tribes, their names changed. But even today, each family retains its clan affiliation and Hunting Dog name–even if it has been Anglicized or modified over time.

Etieno Ekiko is considered one of the most influential traditional name-givers in Africa. Not only does he give new life to thousands of children each year, but his namesake tradition also preserves the rich cultural history of the Igbo people for future generations.

His life story

Etieno Ekiko was born in 1984, in the village of Godogodo in the Igbo region of Nigeria. Ekiko’s parents were farmers and he had seven siblings. When he was just a teenager, Ekiko left his village to find work elsewhere in order to help support his family. He first worked as a beekeeper, but found that he enjoyed working with animals more than tending bees. After a few years, Ekiko moved on to become a truck driver and eventually settled down in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city.

In 2007, Ekiko was diagnosed with lymphoma and given just six months to live. Despite the grim prognosis, Ekiko refused to give up on life and decided to undergo chemotherapy treatments at an hospital in London, England. Unfortunately, after just two months of treatment Ekiko lost his battle against cancer and passed away at the age of 34.

Despite his short life span, Etieno Ekiko made a huge impact on the world and will be remembered for his strength and perseverance during his fight against cancer. In addition to his work as a truck driver and beekeeper, Etieno Ekiko also pursued a degree in veterinary medicine from Liverpool John Moores University in England. This degree helped him become one of the leading experts on animal health systems worldwide and helped him develop many important vaccines for livestock use.

Etieno Ekiko’s story is an inspiring example of how one person can make a

What makes Etieno Ekiko so special

Etieno Ekiko is a man with names. He has nine of them, and each one is unique. Ekiko’s parents gave him the names in commemoration of his nine birthdays – each one celebrated with a different tradition or custom. Ekiko says that each name represents a different facet of his personality and helps him to connect with different people.

Born in the province of Sokoto, Nigeria, Ekiko was first exposed to the arts at an early age. He learned to play traditional music instruments like the ngoni and djembe before learning how to sing and dance. Ekiko credits his early training in traditional arts with helping him find his voice as an artist.

Ekiko started performing at local events when he was just 15 years old. After moving to Lagos, Nigeria’s major city, he started landing bigger gigs and began gaining popularity among Nigerian audiences. In 2010, Ekiko released his debut album Sango which featured collaborations from artists like Femi Kuti and Zain Bhikhaïa.

Ekiko’s music is often described as eclectic and diverse, incorporating elements of rock, funk, soul, jazz, blues and African pop into his sound. His songs are known for their powerful vocals and stirring melodies, making them ideal listening material for both mainstream audiences and Kenyan DJs alike.

Ekiko has toured extensively around Africa over the past few years – playing venues like The Fillmore Miami Beach in Florida


After reading Etieno Ekiko’s story, it’s clear that he is much more than just a man with 1000 names. He is a humanitarian who has dedicated his life to helping others in need. Through his work as a music producer and artist. He has been able to help provide education and medical assistance to those who need it most. If you are looking for an example of success beyond your conventional limits. Look no further than Etieno Ekiko — someone who has defied the oddsmultiple times and continues to do so. Thanks for reading!


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