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Deasia Watkins: A Tragic Story of Mental Illness and Infanticide

On March 18, 2015, the news of a horrific crime broke out. 20-year-old Deasia Watkins had killed her three-month-old daughter Jayniah Watkins by decapitation. The incident occurred in Mt. Healthy, Ohio, sending shockwaves throughout the community and the nation.
The news of infants being murdered by their mothers is not new, and it is an unfortunate reality that has been happening for centuries. However, the case of Deasia Watkins was unique and particularly shocking because of the nature of the crime. Decapitating a three-month-old baby with a kitchen knife is an act that is almost unimaginable to most people.

Deasia Watkins: As the case unfolded

it became apparent that Watkins had a history of mental illness. She had been diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, a severe mental disorder that affects women after childbirth. Postpartum psychosis affects about one in every thousand women who give birth and is considered a medical emergency.
Postpartum psychosis is characterized by psychotic symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and severe mood swings. Women affected by this disorder can be a danger to themselves and their children. The symptoms of postpartum psychosis usually develop within the first few weeks after giving birth, and the condition requires immediate medical attention.

In the case of Deasia Watkins, it was not entirely clear when her symptoms started, but her behaviour leading up to the murder indicated that something was wrong. She had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital twice before the murder and prescribed antipsychotic medication. However, Watkins was not taking her medication at the time of the crime.

In court

Watkins pleaded guilty to the murder of her daughter and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The case of Deasia Watkins is a tragic reminder of the devastating effects of untreated mental illness. The mental health system failed Watkins, and her daughter paid the ultimate price.
The tragedy of Jayniah Watkins’ death could have been prevented if Watkins had received the proper treatment for her illness. The case of Deasia Watkins highlights the need for better mental health care, particularly for women with postpartum psychosis.

Postpartum psychosis is a severe and life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, many women are not correctly diagnosed or treated for this disorder, leading to tragic outcomes like the case of Deasia Watkins and her daughter Jayniah.
It is crucial for healthcare providers to be aware of the signs and symptoms of postpartum psychosis and to provide appropriate treatment and support. Family members and friends should also be vigilant and seek help if they notice any concerning behaviours in new mothers.

The tragedy of the case of Deasia Watkins is a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for better mental health care. Women with postpartum psychosis should not suffer in silence, and their children should not have to pay the price for lack of treatment.

In conclusion

The case of Deasia Watkins is a tragic story of mental illness and infanticide. It is a stark reminder of the urgent need for better mental health care, especially for women with postpartum psychosis. The tragedy of Jayniah Watkins’ death should serve as a wake-up call to all of us to prioritize mental health care and support those who need it the most.

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