Chienne_Tracks: An Inside Look at the Best Indie Music Finds.

Are you tired of listening to the same old mainstream music? Do you want to discover new indie music that will excite your ears? Look no further than Chienne_Tracks! This online platform features the best indie music finds on the web and offers an inside look into the world of emerging artists. Join us as we delve into how Chienne_Tracks works and showcase some incredible talents waiting for you to discover. Get ready to elevate your music taste and expand your horizons with Chienne_Tracks!

What is Chienne_Tracks?

Chienne_Tracks is a digital platform that aims to bring the best indie music finds on the web to its audience. It was created by two French DJs who wanted to showcase undiscovered, independent artists worldwide. Chienne_Tracks is not just another music blog; it’s a community of passionate music lovers who want to discover new sounds and support emerging talent.

Its commitment to showcasing diverse musical genres sets Chienne_Tracks apart from other platforms. From electronic beats and dreamy pop vocals to experimental sounds and funky beats, there’s something for every music lover on this platform.

One unique feature of Chienne_Tracks is that it doesn’t rely on algorithms or paid promotions. Their curators have handpicked everything you hear based purely on quality and originality. They take pride in discovering hidden gems before they go mainstream, offering listeners an authentic experience with fresh sounds.

Chienne_Tracks also offers interviews with up-and-coming artists and live sessions, enabling fans to connect with musicians beyond their tracks. It’s more than just a place where you can listen to great tunes – it’s a community centred around supporting budding talent and exploring new sonic territories.

How Chienne_Tracks works

Chienne_Tracks is a platform showcasing the best indie music on the web. But how does it work exactly? Let’s take an inside look.

First, Chienne_Tracks scours the internet for undiscovered and independent artists who produce high-quality music. Once they have found a potential gem, they listen to it and assess its quality based on their own criteria.

If Chienne_Tracks thinks an artist or song is worth featuring, they will write a blog post about them. This includes highlighting what makes the artist/song unique and providing users with links to where they can find more of their music.

Chienne_Tracks also has a section called “Submissions”, where independent artists can submit their own music for consideration. From there, Chienne_Tracks listens to every submission and decides whether or not to feature them on their site.

Chienne_Tracks works by sifting through countless indie musicians to bring attention to those who deserve it. It’s a great way for artists and listeners to discover new talent in the indie scene!

The best indie music finds on the web.

Indie music has become increasingly popular over the years, with artists worldwide showcasing their unique sounds and styles. Chienne_Tracks brings together some of the best indie music finds on the web, making it easier for listeners to discover new talent.

One standout artist is Ambar Lucid, a young singer-songwriter who blends her Mexican heritage with her American upbringing to create soulful tracks that touch on themes of love and identity. Another promising artist is Still Woozy, whose dreamy pop sound has earned him a loyal following online.

Chloe Moriondo is also worth checking out – her acoustic covers have racked up millions of views on YouTube, and she’s recently released an album filled with introspective lyrics set against infectious melodies. Meanwhile, beabadoobee’s ’90s grunge-inspired sound has made waves in the industry and landed her collaborations with high-profile names like 1975.

With so many talented artists out there waiting to be discovered. Chienne_Tracks is an invaluable platform for expanding their musical horizons beyond mainstream radio hits.


To sum it up, Chienne_Tracks is an excellent platform that provides a space for indie musicians and music enthusiasts to discover new and exciting sounds. Its unique approach to handpicking talented artists ensures that every track featured on the site is worth listening to.

With its sleek design, easy-to-navigate interface, and regular updates. Chienne_Tracks has become a go-to source for anyone seeking fresh indie music finds on the web. The passion of its creators towards music discovery can be felt with every post they publish.

So if you’re looking for good tunes to add to your playlist or want to support independent artists and their craft, head over to Chienne_Tracks. Trust us; you won’t regret it!

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