+99 Wooden Stick 33: A Manga Novel

If you’re a fan of manga, then you’ll want to read +99 Wooden Stick 33: A Manga Novel. Written by Kazuhiro Yamada and drawn by Keigo Sasaki, this novel tells the story of an enigmatic young man and his exploits with a group of friends. Each chapter is filled with action, adventure, and suspense, making it an excellent read for fans of manga and all things thrilling.

What is +99 Wooden Stick 33?

  • Wooden Stick: A Manga Novel

If you’re looking for something different to read, you should check out + Wooden Stick. This manga novel is about a young boy who finds a wooden stick in the woods and uses it to fight evil spirits trying to take over his town. The story is well-written, and the art is fantastic. I recommend giving this manga a try if you’re in the market for something new!

Plot summary of +99 Wooden Stick 33

When a group of high school students find an ancient stick hidden in the woods, they quickly realize it has magical powers. The post allows them to travel through time and place, but they soon learn that the power of the stick is not unlimited. The students must use their control wisely to prevent enemies from obtaining the post.


The characters of +99 Wooden Stick 33 are all very unique in their way. Starting with the protagonist, Atsushi, is a young man who is very determined to succeed. He is naive but has a strong sense of values and is always looking for ways to improve himself. His best friend and sidekick, Tsubasa, is also a unique character. He’s energetic and always up for trying new things, even if they might be risky. Together, the two of them make an exciting team.

Next, we have Aya, Atsushi’s older sister. She’s supportive but also knows how to push her brother when he needs it. She’s also quite cunning and can be pretty manipulative when she wants to be. Lastly, we have Satsuki, Aya’s friend from childhood who has been by her side through thick and thin. She’s loyal and protective of her friends and will do anything to help them out.

What’s the setting of?

The setting of “+99 Wooden Stick 33” is a dystopian future where the government controls society. The protagonist, Aketagawa, works as a courier for the government and is assigned to deliver a package to someone named “Frank.” However, when Aketagawa reaches the address, he finds it has been abandoned. He decides to explore the building and soon discovers that it is occupied by a group of rebels challenging the government’s control.

Aketagawa joins the rebels and begins to participate in their activities. He becomes close friends with one of them, named Kojima, and helps them plan their attacks on government buildings. Eventually, they topple the government, and Aketagawa becomes society’s new leader.


If you’re a fan of manga or anime, chances are you’ve come across the characters and settings of +99. A popular series that blends elements of both genres. Now, for the first time, the entire story is available in one volume—plus, an extra chapter has been added that fills in some backstory on some of the main characters.

+99 is set in a world where many people have special powers known as “talents.” These talents can control objects or fight off enemies with special attacks. After a group of terrorists kills his parents, young Kyoichi Sakakibara is taken in by the headmaster at his prestigious academy and given a new name: 99.

Kyoichi quickly becomes friends with other students with talents such as telekinesis and telepathy. Together they fight against the terrorists who continue to target them and their families.

Manga and anime fans will appreciate the depth and detail in +Wooden Stick 33. The storyline is full of action and adventure while retaining the iconic character designs that have made +99 so famous if you’re looking for an enjoyable read that will take you on an exciting journey, look no further than +Wooden Stick 33!

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