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Your IT guy is leaving. Time to switch to a managed IT service?

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Many SMBs rely on relatively small IT teams that make sure to keep their tech running. They are familiar with all the ins and outs of every piece of the network. It makes it especially challenging when one leaves your organization unexpectedly. 

When your IT guy leaves the firm with or without notice, it makes things very difficult for the organization. It’s bad to lose any valuable employee, but it’s even worse when you lose an IT resource. And when your high-tech IT guy is leaving, it makes the situation seem absolutely impossible.
So when an organization relies too much on one person, the “IT guy,” the managed IT services  come into picture to provide strength to that organization. Let’s see why?

Risks involved in running a one-person IT department

When it’s the growth stage of your small business, you feel no reason to question your one-person IT department. Vulnerabilities may, however, come to light when one or more inescapable problems arise. Risks include such:

Holidays or illness: How will you manage when your IT guy takes off from work? Who will cope up with his tasks? 

Career moves: What if your IT guy decides to join somewhere else? 

Multi-tasking: Does your IT guy have enough time and resources to take on new tasks and help to scale your business in the future?

Skill-set: Technology is constantly evolving. Will your IT guy keep the skills updated?

These risks are obvious but yet overlooked. Due to a few reasons, if an IT department won’t respond to a situation, your ability to generate revenue will halt for a while. The one-man IT army brings numerous problems. So either now or later, you need to strengthen it. Start filling out the gaps rather than reacting when a crisis occurs.

One solution to vulnerable IT departments within your SMBs – A Managed IT Service!

If your IT guy is leaving or you have decided to strengthen your IT department, then it’s the perfect time to assess new options by outsourcing managed IT service providers.

Advantages managed IT service brings to small businesses

Qualification, Training, and Experience

Can anyone who has in-depth knowledge equals a team of IT consulting service professionals? One of the paramount advantages is that they enforce comprehensive staff training and education to stay ahead of the curve. It encompasses every client’s needs as well as they learn the latest technologies. 

A professional managed IT service provider will have expertise in certain areas and accommodate your changing needs. One IT person can’t really afford to use the time to learn new skills that an average growing company requires. 

Support Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Many IT support plans offer your SLAs that promise you average time responses to their clients. This level of certainty is not usually agreed upon in ‘less formal’ contracts that are made between SMEs and the individuals that run IT internally. 

Managed IT services reduce risk as they have multiple staff members that can respond to your needs. A reliable IT service can manage the loss of staff or switching job roles or who moves away. Therefore response time needs to be consistently faster than one IT guy department.

SLAs do demand a premium, but for many small companies, the peace and ability of the mind to provide always-on service make the investment even crucial for sustained success.

Use Industry standards

Your IT guy might have his own preferable methods. It’s fine under his supervision, but it causes the risk of a rendering system that can not be enhanced by someone else. Not only in this but across all the aspects of programming, web development, IT system, software design, there is a great need to adapt unfamiliar implementations done by someone else. 

When your IT guy leaves the firm, it’s difficult for new staff to decrypt someone else’s work and learn all the variations along the way. It does not make a smooth changeover. 

Managed It service use certain industry standards that are the key to future-proofing your business. Multiple members fully understand the setup that has been deployed, so if you decide to switch providers, a new provider will appreciate your standard technology later on. So it’s a win-win situation.

Make your business stabilize, NOW!

Business owners often struggle to deal with downtime, underperformance, and slow growth rate. It comes with small bottle-necked IT departments. So to avoid hindrance in the growth and success of your SME that relies on individuals with certain resources. They single-handedly manage all your important IT service operations for your business.

Consider these benefits to outsource managed IT service to an experienced vendor. They should work to maintain their own business interest and reputation. And will deliver you a top-notch service to make your business run smoothly.


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