Your Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

It can be quite overwhelming when you are taking the first steps in the wedding planning or you are newly engaged. Wedding planning is honestly one of the most exciting and stressful things. Finding the perfect dress is a big part of your special day

Many of us have a picture of how we will look on the day, especially the wedding dress we will be wearing.

Wedding dress shopping can be torturous! Are you comfortable hearing people’s opinions on what suits you best? Do you struggle like I do, with self-doubt?

Here are a few ways to boost your confidence and self-love:

Prepare Yourself for Wedding Dress Shopping

Before your first appointment. Apply makeup. Do your hair. Put on a beautiful outfit that will boost your confidence. Looking our best always helps us be more confident.

Be Positive

When it comes to constructive feedback, it is crucial we start with positive interactions with ourselves. One trick I learnt some time ago, was to keep a mantra in mind like ‘I am beautiful’ and repeat it whenever I started to feel overwhelmed. Just remember to stay away from the words like ‘disgusting’, ‘ugly, ‘overweight

Consult with right Bridal Consultant

Finding the right bridal consultant can help you feel confident and beautiful, they become part of your wedding party. The wedding dress shopping process should be fun, full of happiness and love. If you are not comfortable, then you should consider another boutique.

Try on Different Wedding Gowns

Make it Fun! Try on different wedding dresses, maybe even get one of your besties to try on a couple too. Sometimes we have a style of dress in mind, that closes us off from the potential of another beautiful style of wedding gown. Keep an open mind, you may fall in love with an unexpected style.

I hope these tips will help you pick the perfect dress and make shopping for your perfect wedding dress a little more enjoyable

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