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Your Guide for Pest Control Professionals

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Seeing a pest inside your home can be seriously uncomfortable. They sneak and scurry around, and feeling like you’ve lost control of what’s in your home is unnerving.

Pests can potentially bite people, do property damage, contaminate food, and spread illness and diseases. In other words, they’re more than just gross or creepy. As soon as you see one in your home, you know more aren’t far behind.

Rather than try to tackle the job yourself, it’s wise to call professional pest control experts. Please read on to learn what separates the leading services from the rest.

Custom Sprays

When you call the top pest control services in Toronto and the GTA, they’ll use custom sprays they make themselves that can’t be purchased at your local corner or hardware store. The store-bought sprays will kill a handful of pests, but not all.

When it comes to uprooting infestations, it’s all or nothing. Killing only half gives them time to reproduce and restore or even increase their population. Don’t waste time, money, and energy on half-measures that won’t solve your problem.

Health Canada-Approved and Environmentally Safe

Nobody wants their pest control solution to cause problems elsewhere. It’s important to know that the sprays used in your home are safe for the environment and all pets.

That’s why the best pest control experts use ingredients in their custom sprays that have been approved by Health Canada. There’s no doubt that it’s safe for your four-legged friends, and the chemicals won’t leach into the soil or air and pose environmental hazards.

Polite, Professional Technicians

If you’re experiencing a pest infestation, you no doubt feel ill at ease with these uninvited guests in your home. You’ll feel better and more reassured when the person solving this problem is polite, friendly, and professional.

Medium-size local businesses that have operated for years tend to produce such technicians. When the owner personally knows the people they dispatch to homes, they can testify to their personality and level of professionalism. 

From showing up on time to being calm and knowledgeable during the job, it’s crucial that pest control experts behave properly throughout.

Proactive Pest Control

Finally, leading pest control services offer proactive control, so you can actively prevent pests from entering your home rather than just focus on eliminating an active infestation. After all, the only thing better than uprooting a pest infestation is preventing one from occurring in the first place.

The pest control company will adopt a specific approach depending on the nature of the pest infestation. Broadly speaking, they will visit your property, inspect for pests and pest attractants, then deliver a preventative treatment.

They’ll do numerous return visits to ensure it works. If there happen to be any pests remaining, they’ll eliminate them for free.

Most people’s reaction when they first see a pest inside their home is to scream. After that, they may make a mistake by running to the local store to buy an ineffective spray or calling a subpar pest control expert. Keep the above characteristics in mind, and don’t hire pest control unless they deliver on all of them.


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