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Your Complete Guide To No Win No Fee Agreement

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You may have an idea what the No Win No Fee system is, since the name suggests it pretty evidently. Personal injury claims are common in developed countries around the world. This keeps people, businesses, and companies on alert to keep safety and security as their high priority. If an individual becomes the victim of a personal injury because of your negligence, or because of something on your property that caused them harm, they are liable to make a claim for it. It is legal, common, and righteous. This means that any treatment costs, medications, rehabilitation and eventually, in some cases, loss of earnings and property damage will be paid by you because it was your negligence that ended them in such a position.

A lot of people and companies tend to agree on an out-of-court settlement that befits them both. However, if someone or an organization refuses to talk about a settlement, you can challenge this in court. While this may look easy, since the odds are all in your favour, it still isn’t as easy as it seems. The reason lawyers commonly handle cases like these around the world is that they have a better knowledge of the legal system, and know how to handle it better. The no win no fee medical negligence solicitors is a common experience in Scotland.

What Is No Win No Fee?

As the name suggests, this is an agreement between the claimant of the personal injury claims and the solicitor. According to the agreement, the solicitors work on the case and you only get to pay when and if they win the case. It is a commonly used factor in Scotland because it saves you money and gives you a fair shot at paying for what it’s worth. For instance, if your solicitor is unable to win the case, you won’t have the burden of paying for something that goes to waste because you lost the case. Losing the case also means you’ll be paying for your medical treatments and rehabilitation yourself, so paying a lawyer on top of that is just added burden on your wallet. This method keeps you secure and safe.

Win Scenario

If your medical negligence solicitor ends up winning the case for your medical negligence claim, the offender is liable to pay up a settlement amount to you, which will be quoted by you and will include everything. This will also include the solicitor’s fee, meaning you’ll walk away expense-free and won’t have to go through the stress of putting any load on your budget or wallet. Most solicitors decide that a certain percentage of the settlement amount will go towards their fee. Since the agreed amount is mentioned in the CFA (Conditional Fee Agreement), you are legally bound to pay it and oblige with the details.

Wallace Legal No Win No Fee Solicitors

At Wallace Legal, we have an experienced team that consists of top quality solicitors who are each experienced in their own domains. We have experienced medical negligence solicitors who have a huge win percentage, and who will put full focus on your case to ensure that you walk out out of that agreement free of expenses.


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