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Yahoo Chat Rooms – More Room, Less Strict Rules

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Well, folks, it looks like the Yahoo Chat Room have gone to the Google Store. It seems that they have been absorb by Google and now you can also use them on your Android devices. You might be asking yourself “Why?” Keep reading for some information on this new development and why it may be such a smart move for Google.

Yahoo first announced the acquisition of Yahoo Chat in August 2021. The merging of these two powerful companies would create a mega Yahoo that would encompass all aspects of the Internet from search to communications. Yahoo Chat Room was among the hottest Internet technologies at the time and many saw them as the future of chat networking. Unfortunately, that future was put on hold when Yahoo! Chat for Mobile was release in November 2021. So where did the Yahoo chat room go and why is it now available exclusively on the Android platform?

According to Yahoo! CEO Marissa Ligue Desautels, the move to exclusively use the Android mobile platform for its chat offerings was motivated by two key factors. 

  • The first was the fact that Android users are much more mature than those on iPhones and therefore more responsive to chat room traffic.
  • The second reason for the decision to take the Android route was that Yahoo! had found that its own on-mobile SEO efforts were having little impact, despite its massive investment in the effort.

Features of Yahoo Chat Rooms

Feature 1

Yahoo’s chat rooms are among the most heavily trafficked areas on the web. They are visited by billions of people worldwide each day. Yahoo’s decision to focus on the Android marketplace means that it can tap into this highly responsive user base even when its other endeavors fail. That makes the acquisition of Yahoo Chat a very smart move for Yahoo!

Feature 2

The new Yahoo chat on the Android platform offers a number of features and capabilities that have not been seen before in an on-mobile chat room. Features include multi-persistent URLs, VoIP integration, video calling, and an enhanced chat client with screen capture and sharing capabilities. These additions make it easier than ever to stay connect with friends while also interacting with those people who are on the other side of the world.

Feature 3

Yahoo’s other on-mobile efforts such as the Yahoo Buzz application have also proven hit and miss, at best. When it comes to Facebook; for instance, many people expect the social networking giant to bring everything to their desktop versions just like it does to its mobile apps. Nothing is further from the truth. While the Facebook apps are quite nice, they’re nowhere near as useful as those offered in the chat rooms. The Facebook experience is strictly limited to a desktop or laptop experience where it’s up to you to video chat with someone who has chosen to receive messages on your account.

Feature 4

The Yahoo chat rooms, meanwhile, are much more versatile. You can actually use them on your smartphone, your tablet, or even on your computer! With the rooms you get to talk to people all over the globe; you can use Yahoo’s real-time translation features to give you a grasp of how people from different parts of the world speak; for example. Yahoo is looking at how conversations flow in the chat rooms so that they can build features that streamline the conversion process. Currently, Yahoo has no plans to expand its chat offerings beyond the two rooms that it already has functioning.

Bottom Line

Yahoo is still testing its new mobile applications but it looks like it won’t be long before we see them rolling out across the rest of the services. If you don’t have a Yahoo account yet, don’t worry. All you need to do is go to the Yahoo Web Store and look for chat rooms. Just search for the name of the service you want and you’ll find listings right there. You might even be able to set up a test group and invite a few friends to try out the various features so that you can decide whether or not Yahoo’s new chat service will work for you.

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