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Xbox series X controller accessories

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Whether you are a professional gamer or a super dedicated one, you need the right accessories to stand out. To play your best, you should have a great gaming console, a supportive headset, a charging cable that keeps you going, and other gadgets, depending on your setup. Now that you have your new Xbox Series X controller, you want the best accessories to benefit from what the next-gen console can offer. So, the following are the must-have gaming accessories that one should buy in 2021.

Xbox X wireless headset:

 The wireless headphones sound great, fit well, and are easy to set up. It has controls built into the earcups, and you can easily tuck the microphone away if you don’t require it. You can also get great custom options, and it is one of the best Xbox Series X accessories that is a must.

Xbox wireless controller:

 A second controller is the most common accessory gamers purchase for their consoles. And you can’t knock Xbox’s official gamepad. It is worth picking up a second pad, especially since the Xbox Series X controller works for PC and mobile games, too, through Bluetooth pairing. Even if you don’t have a second player handy, an additional controller can be one of the most affordable Xbox Series X accessories. 

Rechargeable battery and USB cable:

 You should also purchase an XBOX rechargeable battery pack that can help you to make sure your controllers never die. With single-time charging, these rechargeable battery packs can provide strong gaming performance for about 6 hours. These batteries can also offer you the most out of your games when traveling from one place to another. While traveling, these consoles have minimal scope for fully charging your controllers. You can also buy a USB cable to ensure extended hours of your gaming. 

Storage expansion card:

 If you need more storage space on your Xbox Series X, the Seagate storage expansion card offers 1TB of capacity expansion with the same speeds and performance as the console’s internal storage. The storage card fits into a specially designed slot on the back of the console and doubles your storage space. The Seagate Storage Expansion Card works almost the same as the Xbox Series X internal SSD. It includes quick load times, rapid Resume, and virtually no delay when gaming directly from the expansion card. It might be expensive, but it will offer you double storage. 

PowerA dual charging station:

 If you are fed up with interchanging the AA batteries on your controller, the PowerA Dual Charging Station can be an excellent alternative. This controller charging station is equipped with two rechargeable batteries. Moreover, it is compatible with all Xbox wireless controllers, excluding the Elite 2 Series. Furthermore, you can charge or display two Xbox wireless controllers. The unit is convenient and has sign LEDs to show when setting. It is a perfect affordable alternative to purchasing rechargeable AA batteries, and you also get a chic stand for your Xbox controllers.

Ultra-high-speed HDMI cable:

 Microsoft’s recommended Cable Matters Certified Active Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable. It is one of the essential Xbox Series X accessories. It is compatible with HDMI 2.1 features for larger distances of up to 10 meters. An HDMI 2.1 compatible cable is needed for your Xbox Series X if you need to play the game in 4K at 120FPS or 8K at 60FPS. The line uses fiber optical technology to guarantee stable signal strength on longer distances. It is also great if your Xbox Series X is close to your TV or monitor.

Charging stand: 

No doubt you can easily charge your controllers with cables; however, it looks more classy and less cluttered if you use a charging stand. Microsoft and the Xbox team officially license the charger from Controller Gear. The great news is that you can customize your charging stand because this comes in Black, White, and the Shock Blue that the new controllers come in. It is also available in almost every other color that the Xbox One controllers come in so that you can customize everything quite beautifully.

PDP media remote for Xbox series X:

 The use of PDP media remote depends on how much media you plan to watch through your new consoles. But it is great to own it when it does get used. Navigating the media user interfaces on consoles is not easy for game controllers. Therefore, media remotes feel much more convenient for communicating with media content. It is equipped with appropriate buttons for navigating in all directions of the media interface, actual pause/play buttons, and buttons for changing volume and channels up and down.

Elite Series 2 controller:

 If you want to level up your game, it is one of the essential Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S accessories you can get. This is the controller you purchase if you want an advantage over the competition in top-notch games like Call Of Duty, Halo, or other games where you are playing against other players in multiplayer modes. It is packed with features like adaptive triggers, height-adjustable thumbsticks, adjustable paddles on the back for extra controls, and swappable pads and thumbsticks to fit your personal choice for how you play.

Xbox adaptive controller:

 Most people love games, including those with more confined mobility and who find it difficult to play with a normal controller. That makes the Xbox Adaptive Controller one of the best accessories for Xbox Series X. It frees up more possibilities for controlling and playing games, thanks to its large amount of ports and the broad range of compatibility with various devices to adapt to the user.


Now that you know about the must-have accessories for your Xbox series X invest in these accessories and enhance your gaming experience. These essential accessories will ensure the quality and fun factor of your gaming.


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