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Wrapping Up Your Lifestyle in Wardrobe

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Do you see yourself constantly reaching for a specific outfit in your wardrobe? The reason could be the fact that it defines your style the most it could be a dress, a suit anything that you love wearing.

Sometimes you also notice that you have a lot of similar colored outfits in your wardrobe again the reason could be the same the color defines who you are. Clothes are a medium of self-expression.

Sometimes you see an outfit, and it reminds you of a certain person because they have been expressing their style in that way, and now you relate it with them. We are going to list some outfits and help you find your style!

Find Fashion Inspiration

Now the first thing you should look out for is who is your fashion inspiration not just in the fashion world but also in your family and friends who are the people that you look at and think how well dressed are they, and you wished you had that specific item in your 8 door wardrobe.

Along with that, there are hundreds of blogs available online, and Instagram is the best when it comes to fashion. You can see how people are styling turtle necks to what shoe wear are they wearing with their dresses and do they go light on their accessories and would you like the same do not just jump on the bandwagon experiment to find your style that is the best way to go about it.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is when you mix and match basic to create an effortlessly chic look. The basics are the classic pieces that are neutral and can be paired with other items like a denim jacket, a classic black dress, a leather tote, and some basic t-shirts. There are high chances that you might already have these pieces in your wardrobe. You should keep these in your wardrobe as they will provide a foundation for some new chic looks.

Experiment with Unique Style Choices

The best and the only way to find your style is by experimenting lots of experimenting, so now that you have built your capsule now, it is time to add some unique pieces to your wardrobe. They can be the pieces you have been avoiding for a while, thinking they are too risky, or the colors are too bold.

Do not hesitate and just buy them. It is better to add some bold accessories, some texture, and bold colors. You might not like to wear them as separates, but you can always mix and match since you would already have your basic wardrobe.


Accessories are your best friend when it comes to defining your style. It is best to add many accessories to your wardrobe as they play an important part in elevating your look. You should look for handmade jewelry. You will find many options because most of the time, these businesses are owned by people of different ethnicities and cultures, and you can easily find a statement piece there.

Other things that help uplift your wardrobe can be hair accessories, totes, clutches, nose pins, sunglasses, and silk scarves.


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