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Workplace Challenges after Covid-19 and Solution

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After the Novel Covid-19 pandemic, businesses that are still stand during the tough times, working hard to keep up with the situation, and still operating, are definitely being challenged on how best to ensure the employee’s safety and security while asking them to return to the workplace as not everyone can work remotely.

And this is where we have identified some of the must-have workplace measures and challenges that businesses can adapt and will require dedicated to continuing to grow their brands, remain competitive while minimizing the risk of infection, illness-causing germs, and viruses, while maximizing business productivity levels, reducing the real estate cost, and more importantly protecting their working employees.

The most effective and efficient way

The fact of the matter is today businesses are looking for the most effective and efficient way to find their footing in a situation that has been never experienced before or should I say will never going to experience it in the future. Now’s the time for small, medium, and large businesses to emerge from the current situation in a stable position while preparing for future developments, and return back to the basics with the desk booking system that will impact several areas of success.

What is a Desk Booking System?

A desk Booking system is nothing but a hybrid model or computerized system used to enable employees to reserve or book office workspace whenever they want to. This system allows the flexibility to work anywhere while helping employees make the most out of every workspace and be productive in the dynamic workplace.

Digital Bricks Desk Booking Software has the digital footprint of the building which will help you to track any unutilized spaces inside your office whenever you need them the most.

How can Desk Booking Software solve your business challenges?

As discussed above, desk booking software is nothing but an open-source cloud-based software that supports employees to encourage innovation, engagement, and productivity. It creates a seamless environment, easy-to-use software for employees, actively locates their colleagues, provides analytics and insights on how the workspace is being utilized, and much more.

Real Estate Cost Reduction

The AI-based intelligent desk reservation system will turn off the electricity or unutilized workspaces whenever they are empty or not being utilized for a while to save energy costs.

Smart Booking

Digital Bricks Desk booking system will reach out to the desks such that proper distance is maintained also the workspace is utilized so that social gathering is reduced to ensure safety and security of employees which is of utmost importance. You can start working by scanning the QR code.


Whether you are at the office or working remotely, you can be able to find where your colleagues and team members are sitting using our smart interactive floor maps for way findings. The AI-based desk management solutions will give you autosuggestions.

Book desks anywhere

Desk management solutions can help you create a productive experience by checking in to your preferred desk for multiple days anytime, anywhere from your mobile, desktop, laptop, or smart interactive Kiosk-based solution. So, what are you waiting for? Find and locate available workspaces.

Scalable Solution

This AI-based solution is fully scalable; it will help you to collaborate workplace experience by managing the desk areas anytime, anywhere across multiple locations and time zones. You can add as many employees as you want, like many buildings in different cities as you wish.

For more information about workplace analytics software and Booking Meeting Room System please visit: At Digital Bricks.


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