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Working with a Trusted Salesforce Partner

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Hiring a bright, active, and, most importantly, the successful sales team is vital for any business trying to increase profits and push its products and services to a larger audience. However, sales recruiting is not always easy and finding the best salespeople takes time, effort, and expertise.

When your organization has an open sales job, you want to fill it as soon as possible and with the best candidate available. This is where sales recruitment comes in. Using a professional headhunting firm has numerous benefits, the most notable of which is that they save you time and money on advertising in order to discover the right person for the job.

Using Sales Headhunters

If you approach recruiting with a short-term attitude, you may end up with a revolving door, which costs money and time. According to a global poll by LinkedIn in 2017, internal hiring can cause significant delays, taking sometimes up to four months.

Aside from the costs involved, internal hiring can considerably increase employee stress, impair productivity and profitability, and harm a company’s reputation.

Sales recruitment is a powerful selling approach. It requires the same set of skills as salesmen in other industries. A sales headhunter is able to identify opportunities and people who will excel, and then influence, persuade, and attract them to accept your job offer and join your sales team.

True success begins with the hiring process, and as such we’ve provided a few sales recruiting ideas to assist businesses in hiring a Salesforce partner they can trust.

Request Demos 

While it’s natural to be biased towards the first vendor who reaches you with a sophisticated business proposition, it’s essential to follow a tried-and-true business strategy and request demos and relevant evidence of work. 

Use your personality profile but keep it from becoming a box-ticking exercise. Look for people who meet the criteria while also digging a little further. An established Salesforce partner should spend time understanding your project and developing a plan.

Conduct Research

Before signing on the dotted line with a salesforce consultant, it is vital to undertake extensive research. Hiring practices have evolved dramatically, so you’ll want to examine their work history, the types of clients they’ve worked with, and client feedback. 

Examine their portfolio to narrow your options and choose someone who has helped other firms like yours solve similar problems.

See the Agency in Action 

Before making a formal offer to hire, ask them to demonstrate how they would sell a product or service to one of their customers. This is when role-playing comes into play. It lets you see how the team works while demonstrating their sales ability and persuasiveness.

Take Away

The hiring process is where true success begins. A professional headhunting firm has all of the skills and talents required to hire a bright, lively, and, most importantly, effective sales force for you to raise revenues and advertise your products and services to a larger audience for years to come.


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