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Wooden Floor In The Living Room: Choosing The Right Floor

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Parquet in the living room

  • Parquet in the living room is a classic and popular choice. It is timeless, natural, and beautiful and can be combined with almost any decor and furnishing style. In addition, wooden floors are easy to keep clean and dust-free; sweeping, vacuuming, or wiping with a damp mop or cloth is sufficient for regular cleaning. This makes wood floors a great flooring choice for families with children and pets.

  • A wooden floor brings natural warmth into your living room and the combination with a fitted carpet can increase the feel-good atmosphere and at the same time set interesting and exciting contrasts. Since the living room is often the largest room in a house, it offers a multitude of design options. For example, wide planks bring out the best in a large room, while narrower planks avoid the feeling of confinement in smaller rooms.

  • With our Tarkett collections Elegance, Heritage, Noble, Play, Prestige, Pure, Shade, Vintage, Segno, and Viva, we have created a range of high-quality wooden floors that have the right thing for every living style. Discover a unique selection of designs, patterns, colors, and surfaces for your living room.

  • Or do you prefer a classic 2-layer parquet to a herringbone pattern? Then our Segno parquet collection is your first choice. Segno combines the possibilities of a classic parquet with the properties of a modern wooden floor. This gives you the artistic freedom to design your own floor pattern that suits your lifestyle and interior design preferences.

Advantages of wooden floors in the living room

Below are the benefits of using wooden floors in the living room:

  • Attractive and natural
  • Durable
  • Comfortable underfoot

Attractive and natural – wooden floors are beautiful and elegant and immediately bring warmth to living spaces. They are available in a large selection of types of wood, grades and colors from light to dark and match every furnishing style, from modern to traditional.

Durable – A wooden floor is durable enough to withstand the stress in the living room. If your wooden floor shows signs of wear, scratches or dents after many years of use, the wear layer can be sanded and repainted or oiled several times over the course of its service life. The lifespan of a wooden floor is between 20 and 100 years, depending on the quality and overall thickness. This is much longer than with other floor coverings that cannot be renovated.

Comfortable underfoot – A wooden floor is not as warm and soft as carpeting, but underfoot it is more comfortable and warmer than ceramic tiles or a laminate floor. You can also use matching carpets on your living room parquet to create more comfort and set accents.

Disadvantages of wooden floors in the living room

Below are the disadvantages of using wooden floors in the living room:

  • Expensive
  • Low heat or sound insulation properties

Cost-intensive – wooden floors are among the more cost-intensive floor coverings, but this is put into perspective by their long service life and removability. Depending on which wood floor quality you choose and how well you care for it, wood floors can be up to 100 years old.

Poor heat or sound insulation properties – wooden floors do not have good heat or sound insulation properties and can cause noise when walked on, which is particularly annoying in the bedroom. The use of an insulating underlay during installation improves the impact sound properties of a wooden floor. Corresponding underlay materials can be found in the Tarkett range of accessories.

Wooden floors are …

1. attractive

Taste is discussable. There is no reason to do so with wooden floors. Because they are available in a wide variety of designs, wood and laying types. Wooden floors bring nature into the house and are an attractive addition to a wide variety of living styles .

2. cozy

Wooden floors have a lively surface and give every furnishing style a warm and homely atmosphere. They are warm to the feet and elastic and therefore the best basis for comfortable barefoot walking!

3. hygienic

Sealed floors prevent dust and dirt from settling in the gaps between the wooden planks. In addition, dirt and lint can be removed more quickly on a wooden floor. Sealed wooden floors are therefore also ideally suited for allergy sufferers.

4. Durable

With good care, parquet and laminate can become household friends for life. Wooden floors can last up to 150 years, remain timelessly beautiful and save the cost and effort of renovation.

5. Easy to relocate

With parquet or laminate you can give your apartment a whole new look in no time. Whether laid by a specialist or by yourself – only a few tools are required for laying, and the floor can be walked on after just a few hours. Planks with a click connection can even be removed when moving and laid out elsewhere.

6. fashionable

In the course of time, fashion and taste change. However, the preference for wooden floors has remained for decades. Because wooden floors are classic and modern at the same time and can keep up with almost every change in style. Discreet woods adapt to extreme furnishing styles or neutralize the spatial appearance. Modern woods can, in turn, have a decisive influence on the spatial effect and take up the zeitgeist as a fashionable accent.

7. ecological

Not every wooden floor is ecologically acceptable. When buying your boards, make sure that they come from wood that is gentle on nature and keeps it in balance. In production, all resources should be used efficiently and the environment should be polluted as little as possible by waste, exhaust gases and discharges.

8. easy to care for

Wood floors don’t need a lot to be kept clean. Regular use of a mop, hair broom and vacuum cleaner is sufficient for thorough floor care.

9. of course

Get in touch with nature. Thanks to their original smell and surface, wooden floors bring naturalness to the room. Wood lives and “breathes” even in closed rooms. They support the indoor climate by absorbing moisture and releasing it again.

10. economical

Wooden floors are an investment that should pay off. Quality floors usually have a higher price. But this usually pays off. Because high-quality surface treatment makes the floor resistant and guarantees your floor a long service life.


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