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Womens Pleated Pants – Your Guide to Choose the Best

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Whatever field of business you work in, odds are you have a pair of black slim-fit, clean-cut trousers hanging in your wardrobe. Even more likely, you only wear them a few days per month. And while there’s a reason this pant style is a go-to—timeless, it’s adaptable for most dress codes, and still looks polished—if that’s the most daring thing about your 9-to-5 wardrobe, you’re losing out on another silhouette that’s equally flexible which are womens pleated pants.

Womens pleated pants with more flow and sway have long been a staple of fashion ladies, but we appreciate that the style can be overwhelming for others. Overall, every time a piece of clothing makes a point, as these roomier power pants do, it separates those who want to dive headfirst into the trend from those who just want to dip a toe into it.

Pleats in women’s wear are gathered folds of fabric situated below the waist, in the area known as the lift, or literally the front, of a pair of trousers. The fabric in this field of flat-front trousers is smooth, as the name implies. Pleats may be forward faced, with the folded fabric pointed back toward the fly of the trousers, or opposite facing, with the folded fabric pointing outward toward the pockets.

Forward pleats typically attract less pressure because they appear to remain flat, while outward pleats can open and stay open, resulting in ballooning cloth. The number of pleats can vary: most womens pleated pants have one or two, but some have experimented with three and even four pleats.

Womens Pleated Pants Tips for Ladies

(i) Wear with a Tucked-In Top

What’s the point of wearing pleated pants if you’re just going to wear an untucked top over them?  Tuck your favourite formal blouse and shirt with pleated pants to create an elegant look. Here’s a quick beauty tip: after tucking your top in or buttoning your pants over it, lift your arms above your head. This will draw out just the right amount of fabric to hand you the ultimate waist blouson.

(ii) Avoid Overly Blousy Tops

High-waisted trousers have a lot of thickness and coverage, and a blousy top with a lot of cloth will clash with it. When you combine an excessively blousy top with pleated pants, you risk looking at your best.

(iii) Avoid Short, Bulky Blazers

They give the waist a boxy look to make it seem broader. They also totally eliminate the hourglass design, which is what ladies attempt by wearing pleated pants.

Lastly, this is important for making your pleated pants look modern and new. Take special note of the waist, weight, and inseam. When you’re standing still, the pleats should be flat. Your jeans can be too tight in the seat/hips if they pull open too far.

Pleated pants look great on almost every body shape. The key is to aim for high-waisted styles that show off your trim midsection and narrow pleats that give only a little volume around the waist.  Enjoy the curves that pleats bring to your slim body, and try opting for wide-legged types that play well with proportions.


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