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All You need to know about winter intake Canada 2024

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The entire process of studying in Canada, including information on universities, deadlines, and admission requirements, is available to students wishing to enrol during the winter intake. Institutions have different deadlines and standards for eligibility. Canada has three intakes: summer, autumn and winter.

Some of the best universities in the world are located in Canada. We will go into great length about the Canadian winter intake today. In Canada, the primary intake receives the greatest number of admissions, followed by the secondary intake, and the tertiary intake with the fewest admissions.

Canada’s Winter Intake in 2024

Canada’s winter intake is not the primary intake in the nation. Every year, between January and May, students are admitted for this secondary intake. It gives students who were not able to enrol in fall classes the opportunity to apply to their desired programmes and universities. While there is a little less competition at this time of year, overseas students do not tend to choose it.

In Canada, the winter intake offers fewer courses and university options than the main intake. But for those who were unable to attend the main intake, it serves as a great backup.

In Canada, the winter intake begins in January or February and lasts through April. The best time to begin preparing is in April and May of 2023, if you intend to apply to this intake in 2024.

Depending on the university, application deadlines can fall anywhere from August to the middle of January. Checking for memos on the university website is the easiest method to keep on course.

Rolling admissions is used by most colleges for January intake, which means that applications are accepted until all available spots are filled. To guarantee that your application is taken into consideration, it is best to submit it as soon as possible—ideally in September or October.

If you are considering Waterloo in Canada as your study destination for 2024, you should also start looking for Student Housing Waterloo so that you have a comfortable place to live in when you arrive in the city.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Canada’s Winter Intake

The advantages of winter intake in Canada are as follows:

  • There is enough time during the winter intake to obtain a study visa.
  • Additionally, you’ll have more time to get your application ready.
  • Because there is less competition, you have a better chance of being accepted into your desired school.

The following are some of the drawbacks:

  • Not every institution and course are offered at this time.
  • Compared to the autumn intake, fewer applicants are from abroad.
  • Everything About Canada’s Winter Intake

Among the three Canadian educational intakes (winter, fall, and spring), the January intake is the least well-liked and offers just a small number of courses and specialised programmes in addition to certain courses with partially filled seats. Students should be aware that the requirements for eligibility and the application process will not alter for any intake.

Applications are accepted for this intake from January to May each year. There is less competition, giving students greater opportunities to get into the colleges and programmes of their choice.

Timeline for Canadian Intakes

A timetable for Canada’s 2024 winter intake shows that applications will be available from January to May. Those who were not accepted for the autumn intake may still apply. The spring or summer intake, which takes applications from May to August, comes after the winter intake.

Universities In Canada that accept winter intakes

  • Queen’s University (Geology, Biology, Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science)
  • Douglas College (International Business, Language, Literature & Performing Arts)   
  • Cape Breton University (Public Administration, Community Studies)    
  • The University of Toronto (Computer Science, Architecture, Music,
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Kinesiology)
  • Carleton University (Architecture and Technology, Public Affairs, Journalism)
  • Mount Saint Vincent University (Psychology, Computer Science,  Public Relations)
  • McGill University (Engineering, Education, Management)
  • The University of British Columbia (Economics, Political Science,  English)
  • The University of Ottawa (Computer Science, Geosciences, Engineering)
  • The University of Manitoba (Health Services Research, Mathematics, Management)
  • Lambton College (Computer Software and Database Development, International Business, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)


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