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Windows 11 Snap Controls Vs SmartWindows App positioning

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Microsoft launched Windows 11 with an improved Snap Control feature that helps users with window management of their apps. The ultimate purpose of this feature is to give a 360-degree view of all the apps in one display screen using a snap control that automatically splits the apps’ windows on your display screen according to the layout you choose. We, as Windows users, always remember and lookup for shortcuts that help us do a minimum number of steps in doing some action. For instance, we know tricks of how to reopen closed tabsshortcut keys, profile management, data management, and similar things that we used to do daily.

Snap Control – Windows 11

A snap feature of Windows 11 finally allows you to split the apps on the screen with automatic measurements. However, for this, you would always need to have that many apps opened on your display screen. And it becomes very cumbersome to open all the apps you use daily every time you start your computer. What if you get this snap control feature in Windows 10 and several more productivity capabilities?

In this article, we will compare Windows 11 snap control feature with the automatic app positioning feature of SmartWindows in Windows 10.

SmartWindows – Auto-Restoration & Auto-Arrangement of Apps

SmartWindows is one feature-rich all-in-one software that gives you enhanced capabilities to increase productivity at work in Windows 10. We often work on several desktop applications at the same time. It becomes tough to switch between the apps all the time. One best way to eliminate this overhead is to arrange all the apps you use daily on the screen and adjust each app’s window size and display position on the net. In this way, you will create your time zone.

However, it would be much of a task if you spend time every day arranging apps precisely at the same position on the screen. To overcome this headache, SmartWindows gives you an advanced feature of auto-restoration. All you need to do is make a preset on the screen, create a profile on SmartWindows, and save the screen configuration using SmartWindows. It will remember each app you open, its window size, and the display position on the screen.

Every day when you open your computer and click ‘restore,’ The screen will auto-set to precisely the same positions and with the same window size on the net. 

Work Smart and Not Hard with SmartWindows

SmartWindows allows you to do Smart Work. Windows 11 feature only gives you the power to split apps on the screen with the chosen layout. But for this, you would have to open those apps first, make a click, and the screens will split. SmartWindows gives you exact and much more capabilities in Windows 10.

Below is a detailed tour of the features of SmartWindows that make Windows 10 better than Windows 11.

  • SmartWindows restores the desktop apps and auto-arranges them on screen as you did last time. You do not need to arrange all the apps again manually.
  •  It’s multi-browser and multi-tab support allows users to maintain an active tab history and restore the URLs on one or as many browsers as they have opened. It supports Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.
  •  If you have opened multiple MS Office files like Word, Excel, Project, Notepad, etc., SmartWindows supports its users and auto-arranges the MS Office files with the same window size and position on the screen.
  •  Create unlimited profiles and up to 6 displays with SmartWindows and efficiently manage your work-life and entertainment separately.
  •  Make presets of your screen and restore them with one click to get started on work without wasting a minute. Just one click, and you are ready to work.


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