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Will Installing Speaker Covers Affect the Sound Quality?

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When we talk about covering the loudspeakers using good quality covers, we usually think of covering it only when not being used. There are loudspeaker grills also, which cover the front portion of your speakers and make them look cleaner and well finished. People have various reasons to consider loudspeaker grills and covers. However, it is not just about the aesthetics of the speaker units; but these can also protect the speakers from any harm or abuse. Similarly, a good loudspeaker cover can also help your speaker units from any types of environmental harm.

In fact, one common question people used to ask is whether it is possible to operate the speakers with covers on. It is all about acoustics since there are various types of speaker designs. So, the answer to this question is not very easy to be explained as a standalone. A good fitting cover may not affect the sound quality if it is made of appropriate materials in general cases.

Simply put, the pressure waves of the sound produced by the speaker disperse to a wide-angle. This will ensure a wide-angle dispersion of the sound, and it is not projected as a beam like the light waves. So, putting a cover may not affect the sound quality much.


Fabric types for speaker covers


We need to consider the fabric when it comes to choosing a speaker cover, which is often stretched over a frame or grille to be fitted onto the frame of the speaker box. The fabric may not interfere with the sound if it is fully stretched over the frame. Usually, the speaker covers are made of grille fabric which is acoustically transparent and allows sound to pass through it. On the other hand, these can effectively block dust or other harmful things from getting inside the speaker. However, not all the grille-type covers are the same. Some of them may be more functional compared to others.


When to use speaker covers?


Even though people tend to use speaker covers on at all times, it is advisable to put good speaker covers when the speaker is not in use for a longer period. On the other hand, if you want to keep the cover on always, you can do so, but you should be very careful about the cover material. Another important consideration for speaker covers is for those speakers which are installed outdoors. For example, if you have a speaker on your patio or in the backyard, then you have to look for a good waterproof cover to protect it well.


You can find plenty of options in terms of indoor and outdoor speaker covers if you are searching online. There are many e-com stores offering varieties of readymade speaker covers at various standard sizes. One important consideration to make is your speakers’ size to find the best fitting cover for it. Also, while searching online, make sure that you are buying from only reliable providers who offer the best quality products and adequate warranty on their products.

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