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Why you should use Timber look Cladding and Aluminium Screens?

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Timber look cladding is a highly adaptable material that is ideal for incorporating into architectural designs and producing eye-catching facades. Timber cladding is an excellent material choice for a variety of projects since it is sustainable and long-lasting. 

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If you’re searching for long-lasting materials (and who isn’t?), wood cladding is the way to go. Timber cladding may easily last between 40 and 60 years, if not longer, if properly installed and maintained. There’s no denying that timber cladding is beautiful. Timber blends in nicely with the natural environment, resulting in a smooth transition between the environment and the structures. It introduces nature into urban areas, providing a welcome reprieve from the monotony. Timber cladding provides eye-catching facades that attract passers-by. It’s no surprise that architects love timber cladding.

Timber cladding is a sustainable alternative since it is a naturally renewable material that can be renewed endlessly as trees grow. Another fantastic environmental benefit of wood cladding is that it is almost carbon neutral. Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen organically, considerably better balancing any emissions than other common construction materials.

There’s a reason why timber look cladding supplier is so prevalent in modern educational and commercial construction, and it’s not simply because it looks nice. Timber cladding has been demonstrated to offer a variety of health advantages, ranging from stress reduction to increased productivity. Architects may amaze by using timber cladding and allowing users to reap the benefits, whether they’re constructing a hospital or an educational facility.

The appearance of timber cladding on a structure does not have to be in the form of strips of wood. In reality, depending on the project design, timber cladding may be utilized in a variety of ways, with a variety of profile and treatment options. Timber cladding may be used in a variety of ways; for ideas, check through our gallery of case studies. Why not utilize wood shingles in your construction? Timber shingles are a great alternative to standard roof or wall tiles, and they look great on any structure.

Weathering is the process through which the look of timber cladding changes over time as a result of exposure to the elements. While this may appear to be a negative development, weathering may be a positive one, organically altering the appearance of your cladding and giving it a lovely grey shine. Timber cladding can endure cold, wind, and rain if properly installed and maintained. Chips or other little dents are sometimes difficult to discern against the natural grain of wood veneer, making wear and ageing effects less obvious.

Timber produced in harsher settings is naturally more resistant to the elements, but even the most fragile species may be treated with a preservative to halt the deterioration process. For your ideal timber cladding, there are various species to pick from. There’s a species for every project, from British Larch to Canadian Western Red Cedar. Aside from money, durability, and a slew of other considerations, appearance plays a significant influence in the final selection. If you’re lost for inspiration and can’t decide which type of timber cladding to use, check out our handy guide on the color and appearance of several wood species.

Timber cladding is efficient at insulating both heat and sound, retaining heat and preventing sound from escaping. Timber cladding is both practically and aesthetically perfect for buildings, since it retains heat better than concrete, steel, and aluminium battle screens. Effective insulation from timber cladding and shingles reduces a building’s dependency on heating and cooling systems, increasing energy efficiency. Traditional timber facades require care every 6-12 months when used externally, which may involve re-coating depending on the intended effect. This maintenance plan may be cut in half by utilizing wood-look aluminium, which requires little to no upkeep.

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