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Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

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Sometimes truck accidents can be very complicated. It would help if you had an experienced lawyer who has a strong track record of winning cases for truck drivers and people like you who have been injured because of trucking accidents in Houston, Texas. Zehl law & associates is an innovative legal firm representing clients in Texas who have been injured or killed in truck accidents. Truck accident attorney at Zehl & Associates is devoted to protecting the rights of their clients.

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Reasons behind truck accidents

You should hire Zehl attorneys because they understand how trucking industries work and what the federal safety regulations meant. Trucking accidents in Houston, Texas, may happen due to traffic mishaps, mechanical failures, human error, or vehicle malfunction. Truck accidents can take many forms, including heavy trucks colliding with vehicles on the road, large tractor-trailer trucks rolling over, and others. In any case, trucking accidents in Houston, Texas, will require the expertise of an experienced attorney.

Dealing with insurance companies

When victims file lawsuits against trucking companies, insurance companies will often settle out of court. This happens even if the victims lose their initial round of court trials and cannot recover any damages. Insurance companies do not want to be stuck paying millions of dollars in compensation to wronged employees, nor do they want to go through the lengthy process of a trial before a verdict is reached. Therefore, most insurance companies are willing to settle out of court. If the victim’s attorneys lose the first round in court, they know they have no chance of recovering any damages from the trucking companies.

Obtaining the largest payouts

On the other hand, victims who win in trucking accident lawsuits have a much better chance of obtaining the largest payouts. When victims prevail in their lawsuits, they often receive awards in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars. While it may seem difficult to obtain damages worth millions of dollars, the courts do not require that victims prove that the trucking company was at fault for the accident. An individual must show that the trucking companies were at fault in causing the accident to establish liability fully. To do this, the person filing the lawsuit must document every detail of the accident, from the moment the truck crossed the line to the time the truck finally stopped at a safety stop sign. The paperwork must also show the full extent of injuries suffered by all involved, as well as the number of damages they have received, whether rehabilitation costs are continuing, and whether any damage was covered by insurance.


Victims need to document all the dates that things occurred, including how long they were away from home and whether they made any calls to the emergency authorities. All of this information will prove vital when it comes time to establish negligence and damages. Most importantly, victims must establish the corporation and corporate history of the trucking company that caused the accident. In every state, trucking companies must register with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Once done, the company must undergo background and accident inspections, paying close attention to details like the name of the director and board of directors, the corporate history of the business, the names of any past directors, and any past complaints or settlements business has had.

Administration Records

Motor Vehicle Administration (DMV) records are kept in two locations: in the state and county where the trucking company’s main office is located, and at the national level, in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA). The latter is where most accident cases are tried in court. If you are a truck accident victim, your attorney will need access to the underlying records to build your case. In most states, trucking companies are required by law to maintain comprehensive files on all drivers and their training, background, operations, medical records, and insurance documents. These records can be an invaluable tool for truck accident victims seeking damages and injuries compensation.  Without access to these files, the trucking company would not be able to prove liability claims.

Lastly, negligent operations and carelessness are crucial elements of a truck accident case, which require the expertise of an experienced truck accident attorney. Your lawyer will make sure that you receive just compensation in your case, as well as the justice you deserve.


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