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Why you should consider leasing space in LEED-certified buildings

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Infinite factors to consider when you are looking for office space. But first, you want a space that serves your customers now and in the future. And the second factor is parking, available facilities, etc. that are too essential. 

But, what most business owners do is not focus on in their “must-have” list is the environmental factor. It is stated as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification. LEED will provide several benefits to building owners, tenants, and the communities they occupy. The great news is that commercial real estate Corpus Christi already has a program. It addresses these environmental impacts. 

So, let’s seek out a LEED-certified building for your leasing space and why you should consider it. 

What does LEED certification mean, and why does it matter?

LEED is one of the prominent green building rating systems in the world. It was established in 1994 under the USGBC. The industry standard for sustainability in design, construction, materials, landscapers, and building owners. It creates a baseline for green buildings. Also, it demonstrates progressive improvements beyond the bare least. 

The certification is available for all types of buildings. And it generates a lot of interest in the commercial real estate property sector. Green building offers several benefits to both humans and the planet. So the interest among corporate clients is going to increase only. 

Benefits to leasing LEED-certified space

The benefits are clear for owners. From long-term savings in material, tax rebates, utility costs, and frequent maintenance. But what about tenants? How will they benefit?

Healthier environment, happier tenants 

A LEED building ventilates to let outdoor air inside. They offer you excellent natural light access; environment-friendly buildout material creates a healthier space. As a result, tenants will enjoy better air quality. Also, moisture controls will lessen allergies, respiratory issues. And even anxiety and restriction in mold growth. It translates into a safer environment for your employees as well as your customers. 

Enhanced Tax benefits 

In specific regions, LEED-certified buildings qualify for tax rebates as well as zoning allowances. But, local and state governments are offering extra incentives to encourage LEED buildings. They are located in economic growth zones to promote more green activities. It is due to non-LEED buildings generate electricity by fossil fuels and release toxic pollutants. As a result, it leads to worsening global warming and climate change. 

Minimization in utility consumption 

These buildings are efficient in energy and designed to consume less electricity and water. As a result, it will reduce utility consumption. And it improves your company’s savings on operational and occupancy costs. In addition, some of the green measures generate immediate savings due to low energy costs. Also, there are some tips to get flexibility in long-term leases in real estate property.

You will have an edge for recruiting. 

If you search for talented millennials to add to your team, having a green office in a LEED-certified building can be a huge asset. They prefer to work for companies that value the environment and are aligned. Employee retention rates also rise due to the benefits of green offices. 

Improves productivity

As per US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Hence, the buildings where people stay and work have a significant impact on human performance. LEED-certified buildings boost productivity with specific features. For example, there are fitness rooms, better lighting designs, and rooftop gardens. All are aiming to boost innovation, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

A survey found that employees/tenants of green buildings are happier, healthier, and more productive than non-LEED buildings. Realtors in Corpus Christi, TX, will show you the properties that have access to natural sunlight. And outdoor view with the best quality that boosts their productivity and happiness. 

Boost your brand recognition 

Nowadays, consumers look beyond the actual product or service when choosing what companies to engage with. So, the commitment to sustain green operation has been substantial. Choose to operate out of LEED-certified properties. It is one of the easiest ways to show your pledge to the planet that boosts your corporate brand. 

A definite bragging is the right to build, occupy and own a LEED-certified building. From government to investors, media to passersby, customers to clients that will show all the world. Your company is thoughtful of its environmental footprint. It is an easy PR win that will save you money. 

Wrapping up: 

Not only environmentally friendly LEED-certified buildings offer companies cost-saving opportunities. They become more and more to look after in commercial property. For real estate Corpus Christi, the process to be certified is time-consuming and costly for the property owners. Many businesses step away from these green buildings as their rental rates are higher. But the benefits they offer are far more than increased costs. LEED-certified properties should be definitely on your list of prospects.


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