Why you should Choose PowerOak PS6S 500Wh AC/DC Solar Generator?

Let’s get into a quick review discussion about why you should be choosing PowerOak PS6S solar generator as part of your daily lifestyle. This amazing solar generator is having a high capacity which is based on the 500Wh/300W (Peak 450W) rechargeable within the Lithium solar generator. With such a generator capacity, you can easily charge all the small appliances that are part of your house. This will include the laptops and smartphones maximum 9 times and Gopro maximum 80 times.

This great PowerOak PS6S works as the portable power station where it is so much ideal to work as the emergency backup for your daily use. In this way, you will be able to use this generator best for the reasons of RV outdoors, camping, or even in the natural disasters, or at the time of shortage of power outage.

Available with Multiple Charging Set-ups

Another major reason which has made Poweroak PS6 solar generator so much popular is that it is available with multiple charging options. You can get it in the access of wireless Charging / PD 45W USB-C / DC12V / USB 5V / 230V power outrage. This whole concept of multiple charging will make your life a lot hassle free and convenient.

You can make the usage of the 4 x USB ports for the charging of your phones, tablets, or the cameras, etc. 12V power is known out to be best accessible to easily charge mini-refrigerator.

500Wh Portable Solar Generator Station

PowerOak PS6S is also working with the availability of the 500Wh lithium solar generator power station. This will enable the PowerOak 500wh to function at its best for both the indoor and outdoor situations. Plus, they are also compact with the shape and are lightweight in the design for the easy movement in the outdoor use.

Furthermore, you will also find it to be the clean and yet the silent power station. It is offering you with the massive capacity of the 500Wh battery power. Plus, it is accessible with the multi-outputs for various power needs on the different occasions.

Will you get Wireless Charging?

Apart from the accessibility of the AC/DC/PD USB-C/USB-A outputs, you can even get the access of having the 10W wireless charging output. You can easily have your smartphones to be part of wireless charging area without any hassle. There is no need to attach any wires over the devices at the time of charging.

In addition, this generator is also having a PowerOak 1500wh premium auto-level 3C rated of best battery cells in the middle of high discharge rate. They have the low heat with the cycle life of around 1000+.

MPPT Solar Charging Mode in PowerOak PS6

In this PowerOak 400wh generator, you will also find the MPPT solar charge mode to get the higher level of charge efficiency of 99.5%. In almost all the models of PowerOak, this solar charging mode is found. You can charge with this mode in this time frame on the basis of the sunlight strength which you need to charge the generator. Its voltage in the open circuit panel is 14-40V / Max and 10A max 120W.

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