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Why You Need Video Monetization Services For Better Ad Management

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Video monetization is the process of generating revenue from a video broadcast. Monetization depends on various factors like ad insertion, localization, subscriptions, sponsorships, viewer engagement, etc. However, achieving quick and effective monetization is far more difficult for new broadcasters. They have to tackle constant content playout, operational expenses, and monetization, all at once. That’s why you need managed OTT solutions to help you out with ad management and video monetization. 

Modern video monetization services offer a wide range of services that allow new and established broadcasters to deliver quality video and ad playout, allowing them to achieve their target monetization faster than before. Here are some key features of reliable OTT ad monetization services that improve the overall broadcasting process. 

1) Segmentation and Localization

With managed OTT services you can optimize your ad inventory with modern solutions like segmentation and localization. You can now insert local content, promos, and ads in well-managed location-based segments for a better playout. You can create advertiser segments or split large ad inventory into localized segments to play different ad campaigns in different locations. Managed OTT service providers also cover system issues and ad server efficiencies, so you need not worry about anything at all. 

2) Device Compatibility

Nowadays, a wide range of viewing devices are available for the users, and therefore, your ad playout has to be compatible with all the devices. But with traditional playout methods, it is difficult to configure ads and videos for all sorts of devices. That’s why you need video monetization services. Video monetization service providers make sure that all your video and ad playout is running frame-accurately on every device. 

3) HyperScale Playout

OTT monetization service providers offer a broader monetization scope with their hyper-scale targeting services. You can enable premium subscription-based live content on your broadcast to attract viewers and advertisers, while your service provider ensures seamless ad and video playout to millions of concurrent users worldwide. This was not possible previously without a satellite infrastructure. But now, small broadcasters can also enjoy such benefits due to cloud-based OTT monetization services. 

4) Better Scaling

With ad monetization service providers, you can enjoy precise and real-time scaling like never before. Reliable service providers offer highly advanced analytics, which will help you gather valuable insights and data crucial for future planning. Based on the real-time data, you can immediately make changes to the playout to improve the overall viewer experience and monetization eventually. 

5) Automation

Finally, a lot of manual work is eliminated due to the extensive automation features provided by video monetization service providers. You can automate the broadcast, ad triggers, and localized ad playout, and the alerting systems will keep you updated about the crucial information. You can monitor remotely monitor the proceedings and ad performance while your broadcast is live and running. 


As you can see, video monetization services are a great option for new broadcasters and established broadcasters. So, if you are planning out about an OTT platform, make sure you have partnered with the best managed ott solutions

It will help you get faster monetization to support the initial operational costs. 


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