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Why Women Turn to Hair Transplantation

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Hair loss and baldness are common conditions affecting both men and women all over the world. For many patients, it leads to deteriorating psychological effects, such as lowered self-esteem and depression. However, these treatments are promising miraculous results. One of the most talked-about procedures for women is hair transplantation.

Correcting the hairline

The most common reason why female patients undergo hair transplantation procedures is to correct their genetically high hairline. During these procedures, hairs are transplanted to lower the woman’s hairline. A proposed natural hairline is first designed by the surgeon and drawn on the patient’s head with a special pen. During the procedure, hairs are planted according to this proposed outline. These procedures can give female patients a very natural look and significantly increase their self-confidence.

Increasing hair density

Previous hair loss processes have left some female patients with a low number of hairs at the vertex – the top of their heads. Hair transplantation can help these women regain some hair density. In addition, even a small-scale procedure can eliminate the most visible bald spots for female patients.

FUE procedures for female patients

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE procedures, involve extracting hair grafts from the back and the sides of the head for both men and women. Each graft constitutes 1-3 hairs. These grafts are then planted in the balding areas at the front or top of the head.

One of the biggest obstacles with FUE procedures for women is the need to trim off the hair in the so-called donor zone at the back of the head so that grafts can be harvested from this area. For many female hair transplant candidates, this can be very traumatic.

Modern techniques make it possible to plant the harvested grafts between already growing hairs. This means that the hair at the front and the top of the head does not need to be trimmed for a hair restoration procedure. Instead, hair grafts are planted in such a way to produce a natural look.

Effects of hair transplantation for women

FUE procedures do not yield immediate or fast effects. The full results of the transplantation will only be visible months after the procedure. At the same time, hair restoration procedures produce long-lasting effects without applying any medication continuously.

Hair restoration procedures have helped tens of thousands of patients. Like other cosmetic procedures, it can help patients regain self-confidence and lead a more fulfilling life.

Melisa Dogan is a patient consultant for getting FUE, a leading clinic for hair transplantation in Turkey. See their informative website for more information on hair transplants in Turkey.


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