Why western clothing is not a right choice for women in Pakistan

An expert of foreign affairs, Samuel P. Huntington, had notified the clash of civilizations after the demolition of the Soviet Union. The world seems to expect a world war 3 soon since then. If you are not aware what it is and what is this article actually about, then please have a look into the work of Samuel Huntington before proceeding with this article. Why western clothing is not a right choice for women in Pakistan is a question that every foreigner and local should ask to themselves and that’s why I have recommended the book for you to catch a clear insight. 

Wherever we see women in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, we always find them to be in hijab and in utterly eastern south Asian clothing. Is it a good thing to go by for women? Well, as per the culture in Pakistan, it is a norm, but a white European westerner may take it via a wrong perception and conclude it as a violation of women’s rights.

Eastern wear in Pakistani clothing is available in almost every Pakistani shopping store, while you have to head for the specific malls to look for the western ones. So, what is it? Should we be proud of ourselves or reckon to be deprived? It’s your own perception of how you see and think in your way, but our topic here is all about western clothing for women in Pakistan, and as you can see, it’s titled as not a right choice. Let’s indulge in it more and get yourselves about it.

Miniature culture exposure for women:

You must have seen men in western attire and almost as many raiments that are trending globally. However, as for women, we rarely see them in a foreign dress. Even if some actress or a celebrity has worn something like that, generality will sue her on account of being shameless. Yes, you heard it right. There was a recent incident of Ainy Jaffery, who was wearing a black corset dress in an award show only to be accosted by the public. 

So, what is this? Who do we hold responsible here? The sane answer would be the woman who had gone to this extent while being aware of all the consequences. Here, different cultures do not have wide exposure to common individuals. It is due to lack of tourism and exchange of cultures and dwelling from other first world countries.

Even though we have many online clothing brands in Pakistan from both national and international firms, despite that, the mindset of people is still intact to their codes for good. We all know about how western women live their lives through telecommunication means, but we have little to no interaction with them in real life.

It is alright for you if you are a woman and want to try some enchanting fashion in Pakistan. You can still visit any best clothing store in Karachi and try out any eastern wear or something that is acceptable to keep moral values of a woman in our country.

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