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Why Use Embossed or Debossed Product Packaging Boxes wholesale?

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That is a rather technical question often put by newbies in the field. Embossing and debossing are used when you design your product packaging. Embossing the text or image is raised from the level of the packaging material. During debossing inverse of that process takes place. Both are crucial for unique design and layout. However, not all Product Packaging Boxes Wholesale have this requirement. It depends upon your product’s nature and packaging requirements. Only an expert can tell which model will suit you.

However, in this short article, we will brief you on the pros and cons of both of these techniques. After reading this blog post, you will gain sufficient knowledge regarding embossing and debossing. Stay with us until the end so you get all the crucial information regarding wholesale product packaging boxes.

Why Emboss or Deboss Logo on Product Packaging?

The process of embossing comprises metallic plates that are used as dies. These, in turn, have the logo, text, or any image in the raised form. When this die is mechanically pressed on the stock material, we get an embossed logo on wholesale product packaging boxes. It is as simple as this. Furthermore, one can use the metallic die over and over again. It is more durable and attractive as compared to ink printing. It gives a unique touch to your product design.

Usually, esthetic items and apparel packaging is treated that way. Though it has a high cost, it is loved by manufacturers due to its elegant finishing. In retail and Wholesale shops, such sort of packaging solutions is considered top-notch quality. It is a very selective process only meant for some types of solutions.

Debossing is an inverse process to embossing, as mentioned earlier. It is also used for the same purpose and is very much liked by manufacturers and end-users. It gives an outclass touch of elegance to the packaging box. Various other style combinations are used for the brand enhancement of various products. It adds an extra dimension to the paper box industry. Let us explain it further.

High-End Look for Custom Paper Boxes Wholesale

Some readers might still need to be clear about the importance of embossing and debossing in printed packaging. The reason is that it needs to be more technical. After looking at a box in the retail display rack, the feeling of touch matters most for a customer. That sense of touch adds a unique feeling of luxury to the product’s appearance. Many customers would require a product just due to that unique feeling. This technique is used on specific products like perfumes, gift items, and apparel. When it comes to Custom Paper Boxes Wholesale, the importance of this technique becomes twofold.

However, various processing techniques are being used according to the variety of paper utilized. For instance, in certain cases, a particular powder is used to raise the paper. Conduction of heat is used to enhance it. In technical terms, this is known as thermography. Various other techniques are used according to the grade and gauge of the paper.

Design Considerations to Keep in Mind

Not all designs and layouts suit debossing or embossing. You have to keep in mind all the technicalities. It would be best to keep certain aspects of these techniques in mind to get the optimum results.

In most cases, it depends upon the design and typography. Only an expert designer can tell which technique will suit that design and layout. It is not about the cost but the needs and requirements of both these techniques. For instance, in most cases, the artwork for that purpose is in the form of a vector. The biggest perk of vector art is that we can scale it into any size, small or large, without losing its quality. Even the tiny sticker or label format will make it visible to the target audience. Moreover, the beauty of both these techniques increases the visibility of any Canvas size.

Keep the Design Simple for Great Results

Another aspect is the simplicity of the design. An expert will always recommend a simple design format for embossing or debossing. For instance, using a 3D design for that purpose will make it distorted. The same is the case with various other effect gradients in modern printing and packaging industries. Hence, simplicity is the best policy for embossing or debossing your design.

You can acquire the best guidance from your designer in this regard. It is also crucial that you shall rely on something other than a layperson for such ventures. Always choose a layout expert with much exposure in that field. He or she must be capable of providing you with various choices and references. It will help you acquire more impressive results with minimum time wastage. Let us explain it concerning the cannabis product packaging solutions.

Custom Packaging Supplies Wholesale

Many types of cannabis products are in use today. Once, these items were prohibited, but the concept changed with time. These have a lot more beneficial than negative impacts. Especially when hemp products are at controlled potency levels. Due to the extensive product range, the Custom Packaging Supplies Wholesale variety is also wide. Some of the products are frequently in use for medicinal purposes. That is why their design and packaging also require much diversity. Luckily embossing and debossing gives us that opportunity. In addition, you can use various add-ons to give a more unique, glamorous touch to your item packaging.

It is evident from the above discussion that embossing and degassing make it possible for your products to stand out in the crowd. The first time it might be costly, but as one can use the metallic die over and over, it will save you cash in the long run.


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